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DCSCHOOL is a token of the DecimalSchool educational project.

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DecimalSchool is a tokenized educational product that combines elements such as:

  1. Educational platform "' "' based on the GET COURSE online school constructor

  2. Chatium mobile application for training on GET COURSE from mobile devices

  3. Own DecimalSchool validator

  4. Custom token DCSCHOOL for delegating and receiving discounts

  5. NFT Student Cards

  6. Final NFT diplomas and NFT certificates of the listener

The team's plans include the development of its own educational platform (mobile App) and the creation of an NFT Marketplace in telegram bot for the sale of student tickets with an affiliate program.

DCSCHOOL token tasks

The token was created for several purposes:

  • Payment of rewards for homework

  • Attracting delegators

  • Discount when buying NFT - student cards

Payment of rewards

The DCSCHOOL coin is given as a reward for the work done if the current or potential client:

  1. Bought an NFT "Professional" card, delegated it to the validator and performs home tasks during training well and perfectly.

  2. Took part in a giveaway/quiz

  3. Left a review

Attracting delegators

The DCSCHOOL token was created with a CRR of 80% and allows you to increase the delegation price due to the demand for the DCSCHOOL token.

If the first students who bought a coin at a cheap price split the first coins and decide to exchange them for DEL, then the course will be quite resistant to falling.

The team will buy coins with the profit from the validator, so buyers of the school token, delegating it to the DecimalSchool validator, will receive a smooth increase in the price of the coin itself, as well as an increase in the price of delegating the coin. Over time, it will allow them to receive more and more DEL coins for their delegated stake in DCSCHOOL.

The expediency of buying a token ensures the use of the DSCHOOL token as a discount when buying student NFT. The received DCSCHOOL will be delegated and removed from the market offer by the team.

Loyalty Program

Another value of DCSCHOOL is in its application in the sale of NFT student tickets.

Let's consider a conditional example of price changes for the year, assuming that we conduct 3 flows during the year.

The cost of Professional NFT student card in the first stream is 700 DEL. The cost of professional NFT student card in the second stream is 1400 DEL. The cost of Professional NFT student card in the third stream is 2800 DEL

However, anyone will be able to attend school at the price of the last stream. To do this, he needs to buy a DCSCHOOL token in the amount of 20% of the cost of the new stream + the cost of the previous stream in DEL.

DCSCHOOL Technical Specifications

when creating:

  • Name: DecimalSchool.

  • Ticker: DCSCHOOL.

  • The initial issue is 3,800.

  • The initial reserve is 1,000 DEL.

  • 1 DCSCHOOL= 0.329

  • The maximum issue is not limited.

  • Maximum issue without restrictions

  • CRR - 80%.

at the time of writing WP

  • General offer — 90 614 DCSCHOOL

  • Total reserve — 52,694 (+5,169%)

  • 1 DCSCHOOL= 0.727 DEL (+120%)

  • Delegated; 88 405 DCSCHOOL

  • Percentage in delegation: 97%


The DCSCHOOL token is profitable to buy both for delegation and for payment of student NFT with a favorable discount. With an increase in the number of delegated coins, earnings from the validator's fee will grow, which means that an increasing number of DCSCHOOL coins will be bought up by the school team, which will ensure an increase in the cost and price of DCSCHOOL delegation.

DecimalSchool Validator

Coins-photo 2021-11-16 15.05.16.jpeg

"'For the full tokenization of the DecimalSchool project, a proprietary validator was deployed for:"'

  • Accounting of"' students, graduates and employees by delegating NFT student and diplomas to the validator

  • Creating a delegation offer"' of a custom DCSCHOOL token

  • Profit from the validator's fee in the form of 6% of the generation of delegate coins

To get any status in an educational project, it is necessary:

  • Buy NFT Student Card

  • Delegate the student's NFT to the DCSCHOOL validator

If the NFT is withdrawn from the validator, the school has the right to terminate the relationship with the owner of the NFT, since delegating or dividing the card is a condition for the beginning or end of the relationship with the school.

Validator Infrastructure

To ensure the reliability of the validator, we use powerful servers in data centers in Finland and Germany, as well as several penalty protection servers.

Protection servers reduces the risk of receiving fines by our validator as much as possible. As soon as our server shuts down, the protection server turns on, and our validator continues to support the network.

Our servers are maintained and updated by technical specialists, which makes their work as stable and comfortable as possible for earnings, and also reduces the risk of receiving a fine of 1% of the total steak.

It is impossible to exclude a fine until the end, but we are doing everything to make delegation to us as safe as possible.

The DecimalSchool validator is serviced by the DecimalPro team. Since the cooperation with the team began, there has been not a single technical failure and complaints.

We know that DecimalPro flawlessly serves more than 4 validators of the Decimal network, so we trust this team.

What is DecimalSchool?

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"DecimalSchool" is the basics of the blockchain industry and software for those who want to start quickly and immediately put their knowledge into practice for a decent reward.

"'About DecimalSchool"'

"There are more amateurs than professionals in the blockchain industry today. It is thanks to this that someone earns fabulous money, and someone loses the latter. What worked for you in the morning, already works against you in the afternoon. Trends and strategies change faster than we blink, and yesterday's "X" turn into a "Y". "'DecimalSchool"' provides an online course for those who want to master the market foundations, and not with the roof flying off because of Elon Musk's tweet. For those who want to start quickly and without risks. Here you will get tools and skills. It's like at school here. Only hard working. But it's faster this way."

What skills do DecimalSchool graduates receive?

Graduates who have successfully graduated from school:

  • understand the technical basics of blockchains

  • know the basics of the cryptocurrency market and trading

  • confidently use all the features of the DecimalChain blockchain platform

  • they are able to deploy their own nodes on the blockchain network

  • know how to create all kinds of tokens, including NFT

  • "they are able to tokenize business and accompany entrepreneurs from idea to implementation.

DecimalSchool team

"Renata Dimova" is the organizer and ideological inspirer of the educational project. DecimalChian PR manager, tokenization consultant, speaker.

Konstantin Medvedev is the head of DecimalSchool, author of the DecimalSchool curriculum, consultant on tokenization of enterprises, co-owner of 3 validators of the DecimalChain network, creator of five custom tokens on the DecimalChain blockchain, leading teacher of DecimalSchool.

Maxim Brunetkin - one of DecimalSchool founders, PR manager of DecimalChain, opinion leader of the blockchain community, IT preacher, co-owner of the DecimalSchool validator, creator of a custom token on the DecimalChain blockchain, speaker, teacher of DecimalSchool.

Oleg Anderzhanov"' is the technical head of DecimalSchool, responsible for the operation of the YouTube channel, technical support and webinars on ZOOM, responsible for uploading recordings to the educational platform.

Konstantin Ponomarev"' is the head of the video content department, a specialist in creating instructions and accompanying materials of the school, a specialist in the school's areas of work, the creator of a custom token on the DecimalChain blockchain, an administrator and a technical specialist of the Spacebot Academy.

DecimalSchool Values

Simplicity and accessibility.

The product should be simple, but not superficial, while it should be accessible both financially and intellectually.


The information should be visual. Each slide in the lessons is filled with diagrams, metaphors and drawings, which makes the slides memorable and easy to understand.


The product should bring both resource benefits (give knowledge and confidence) and financial benefits (increase competencies and value in the labor market). Graduates come out of the online school with their own presentations, video instructions on each function of the blockchain and the full concept of a tokenized project.

"'Personal tutor."'

A student with the appropriate statuses (professional) does not buy a course, but a result that will be achieved thanks to the work of a mentor. If there are not enough lessons to achieve a result, then the mentor contacts personally and seeks to understand the material in any way available to himself.

Remuneration of labor.

Absolutely everyone who contributes to the development of the school should receive remuneration for this, which will be included in the budget of each stream.


To create loyalty, it is necessary to strictly follow all the principles described above. This way we will get professional, and therefore grateful students who will be happy to recommend studying at our school.

Training form and program

The training takes place in streams and is provided in several variations:

  1. Planned enrollment in DecimalSchool

  2. Corporate order

Scheduled enrollment in DecimalSchool

The basic training format in which a group is recruited for an approved program. The number of places in the flow is determined, NFT maps are created and sales are launched.

One stream lasts for about 3 months of study from enrollment to graduation

Maximum number of streams per year: 3

Corporate order

An additional training format that allows you to assemble a program for the needs of the customer.

There are no deadlines for programs, since each program is compiled individually, the price is determined individually depending on the load.

Maximum number of streams per year: 6-12

Roles in DecimalSchool

There are 6 statuses in the school that can be assigned via an NFT token

Blockchain Teacher

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  • A member of the DecimalSchool team whose responsibilities include conducting webinars and accepting assignments.

  • Obtaining this status is possible after completing an internship in the DecimalSchool team

  • To activate the status, you must delegate the school's NFT validator


  • A member of the DecimalSchool team whose responsibilities include performing tasks in the following areas.

  • Obtaining this status is possible after completing an internship in the DecimalSchool team

  • To activate the status, you must delegate the NFT to the school validator


  • A member of the DecimalSchool team whose responsibilities include performing various operational tasks.

  • Obtaining this status is possible after receiving a graduation diploma


Coins-photo 2021-11-16 15.10.36.jpeg

  • A student of the school has a mentor.

  • Due to the presence of the NFT token in delegation, he has the right to attend scheduled classes, workshops and watch recordings of classes

  • For professionals, there is a reward in the form of custom DSCHOOL tokens for grades 4 and 5, as well as for completing additional tasks

  • Professionals can become interns after passing the final exams

  • The status is assigned after the purchase of the "Professional" NFT card and delegating it to the DecimalSchool validator, after which the student is enrolled in the study group


Coins-photo 2021-11-16 15.11.01.jpeg

  • A student of the school who has the right to complete 1 task for each lesson and receive feedback 1 time

  • Due to the presence of the NFT token in delegation , he has the right to attend scheduled classes and watch recordings of classes

  • Researchers have the right to receive a certificate of attendance, provided that all tasks at the school have been completed

  • The status is assigned after the purchase of the "Researcher" NFT card and delegating it to the DecimalSchool validator, after which the student is enrolled in the study group


Coins-photo 2021-11-16 15.10.48.jpeg

  • A student of a school with an NFT student card delegated to the DecimalSchool validator has the right to attend scheduled classes and watch class recordings

  • The status is assigned after the purchase of the "Novice" NFT card and delegating it to the DecimalSchool validator, after which the student is enrolled in the study group


  • Anyone can watch classes on the YouTube channel without the opportunity to ask questions

  • Recordings are available during the day on the DecimalSchool YouTube channel

  • NFT student card not provided

Examination and certification requirements

For students of the school with the status of "Professional", a certification exam of three stages is provided:

  1. Passing all assignments and completing the final written assignment

  2. Conducting a presentation on the technical part of the school (blockchain) and demonstrating the exercise (using the functionality)

  3. "'Protection of the tokenized project concept (in groups)"'

Presentation defense takes place on certain days and each student conducts a presentation for 10-15 minutes

The protection of a tokenized project takes place on certain days in groups

The opportunity to pass the exam is given 2 times: the first time in the paid stream and the second time in the next.

If a "Professional" student passes all the tasks, but does not pass the presentation or does not cope with the protection of the tokenization project, then he receives a certificate of a stream participant instead of a graduation diploma.

After the completion of two streams (approximately 6 months), feedback on assignments and the possibility of passing the exam for the student is closed and will open only if 50% of the cost of the new stream is paid (the student is enrolled in a new group).

Graduation papers

There are two types of documents provided for school graduates, which we issue in the form of an NFT token:

Coins-image 2021-11-21 13 18 03.jpg Coins-image 2021-11-21 13 18 06.jpg

  1. Diploma on the completion of the course

  2. Certificate of participation

The issuance of documents is provided only for "'"Professionals""' and "'"Researchers""' . Students with the status of "'"Beginner""' do not receive documents about attending /graduating from school.

Affiliate Program

DS provides an opportunity to receive partner rewards from sales of NFT cards.

We know the power of affiliate programs and want to create financial motivation to recommend our product.

Affiliate payments in the amount of 10% of the cost of NFT student.

  • Level 1 - 6%

  • Level 2 - 3%

  • DS MARKET Developers Award - 1%

In the next stream, it is planned to sell student loans through the BIT TEAM marketplace. Next, we want to sell student NFT through our own NFT market in Telegram.

Official resources

Project Economics

The project turned out to be completely self-supporting due to the successful start of sales of NFT student loans to a loyal community and delegation mechanics in the DecimalChain blockchain.

Project profit in the first stream


33 NFT student "'"professional""' by "'700 DEL"' (minus 100 DEL reserve student NFT ticket to the student's wallet and minus 100 DEL reserve diploma / certificate graduate. Total net profit - 500 DEL from the sale of one student)

10 NFT student "'"researcher""' by "'500 DEL"' (minus 100 DEL reserve student NFT ticket to the student's wallet and minus 100 DEL reserve for diploma/certificate graduate. Total net profit - 300 DEL from the sale of one student)

51 NFT student newcomers by "'200 DEL"' (minus 100 DEL reserve student NFT ticket to student wallet)

Total profit

Professionals" 1 stream - 32x500 = 16,000 DEL

Researchers" 1 stream - 10x300 = 3,000 DEL

Beginners" 1 stream: 51x100 = 5,100 DEL

The final balance on the wallet after sales was: 28,400 DEL


  • Payment for the design of NFT cards and lessons on GETCOURSE by Stanislav Dasyukevich 2230 DEL

  • DCSCHOOL Token Issue: 1 100 DEL

  • Raising the Validator ($1,000)

  • Domain payment and 3 months of GET COURSEWORK

  • DCSCHOOL Token Redemption: 1,900 DEL


  • Income - 28,400 DEL

  • Expenses - 5,230 DEL

Profit distribution

The profit from student sales (together with coins for the reserve of diplomas and certificates), minus expenses, was delegated to the Monkey Club Phuket validator in the form of Monkey Club tokens in the amount of: 23,120 DEL

The first issue of the DCSCHOOL token was also delegated to the DecimalSchool validator in the amount of: 3800 DCSCHOOL (1000 DEL) + the first "bounty" budget in the amount of 3,352 DCSCHOOL (1800 DEL) was delegated

Since the cost of DCSCHOOL has more than doubled, we have gained additional profit in delegating custom tokens.

For 1 month of the validator's work, we earned 259 DEL from the fee and delegated them to the DCSCHOOL validator

Getting additional profit

  • Thanks to the delegation mechanics, we earned 2,227 DEL in the first month

  • Thanks to the release and PR of a custom token, due to its redemption and delegation to the school validator, we were able to fully cover the costs of launching the school (design + getcourse) and pay for the second month of the validator's work in the amount of 1,144 DEL

Constant expense items in the project

  • Validator payment 300$

  • Specialist services (Designer/programmers (Websites, etc.))

  • Payment to teachers (Permanent/Invited/interns)

  • Payment for the GETCOURSE platform (Access by subscription fee)

  • Payment of remuneration for tasks to a group of professionals: calculation upon completion of tasks (total budget for the first stream: 1900 DEL)

Expected project development costs

  • NFT market on telegram "DS MARKET" - $5500 at the MVP stage

  • Creating a DSCalc webcalculator - $120/hour

  • Creating a DecimalSchool website design - budget unknown

  • Creating a layout of the DecimalSchool website - from 1500 to 10,000 rubles

  • Layout of the DecimalSchool website and integration of the DSCalc school website - $120/Hour

  • The school's mobile app - from 50 to 150,000 rubles

  • Salary of the involved specialists/teachers/trainees/sales department, etc. - budget unknown

Distribution of profits from the following flows

All the collected funds are delegated to the DCSCHOOL validator and the DecimalSchool team receives daily income from them. All coins received from the sales of NFT student's do not go to the market and are an asset that allows the team to earn daily.

The profit from the fees of the DecimalSchool validator will be divided 50/50 (up to 50% of the fees are spent on the buying up the school token, which will be delegated to the school validator. The remaining coins will be distributed in fact among the team members)

Refusal to fulfill obligations

Interaction with students and members of the DecimalSchool team takes place according to the conditions stated when selling the card

If the terms of interaction change in the future, this will be notified in advance.

The school has the right to immediately cancel its obligations to a student or a team member unilaterally if:

  • The student shows aggression, devalues or makes other attempts to manipulate members of the DS team or students

  • A student or a team member in private messages or chats, recruits into a project directly or indirectly

  • A student or a team member has shared an NFT confirming his status at the school

  • The trainee or teacher repeatedly failed to complete the tasks, and as a result, the school suffered financial or reputational damage

  • The student sends out links to the entrance to the closed zoom (from closed chats) without notifying the teacher about it

Upon termination of obligations (unilateral or mutual), all conditions in the card cease to apply even if the NFT card is delegated to the validator.

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Coins-photo 2021-11-16 15.05.16.jpeg 
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