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·Tokenization of PRIDE

·Multiplication of delegates funds

·Profitable bonding




PRIMERY is an investment token of the PRIDE validator. It is intended for tokenization of the validator and obtaining additional tools for its development, as well as for obtaining profit by its owners in coin equivalent. The DecimalChain token market is free and offers the same token exchange terms to all its users. This document has been compiled for informational purposes only.

Tokenization of PRIDE We have provided a system for controlling the value of the token by constantly investing part of our validator's profit in buying off this asset. Therefore, each PRIMERY token, in a sense, is an action of the PRIDE validator. Therefore, any person who owns our token owns a part of the profit of our validator.

Multiplication of delegates` funds We plan to actively work to increase the popularity and increase the value of our token: to regulate sharp drops and price increases by buying off the asset, stimulating delegates to buy and facilitating the market with the coins we have. The profit generated by these operations will also be used to regulate the price of the token. Thus, the holder who bought the token at the same price will be able to sell it more expensive after a while.

Profitable bonding Each holder of the PRIMERY token has the ability to bond it to our validator. Since the growth of the token price occurs relative to the native DEL coin (as well as the payment of rewards), due to the planned gradual increase in the asset price, the yield of the delegated steak will grow.

Bonuses Payment with PRIMERY tokens various rewards for sweepstakes, quizzes, marathons, bounty programs for PRIDE delegates.

Economy ·The maximum issue is 20,000,000 PRIMERY ·Initial release (premining) – 100,000 PRIMERY ·Initial reserve – 1000 DEL ·CRR - 50% ·The maximum capitalization is 40,000,000 DEL ·The minimum (starting) price is 0.02 DEL ·The maximum price is 3.99 DEL It was not by chance that we chose this mathematical strategy. The maximum issue of 20 million coins will give a capitalization of 40 million DEL. At the exchange rate on 17.05.2021, this is ≈ 800 million rubles. We consider this a sufficient maximum for this instrument.

100% of the premining (100,000 PRIMERY) is bonded to the PRIDE validator. The gain from this steak will also be transferred to the PRIMERY token and reinvested on an ongoing basis.

The initial reserve of 1000 DEL (minimum) gives the asset the minimum starting price and the maximum run-up between the initial and final price of the token. This will attract the interest of delegates to the multiplication of funds using PRIMERY.

Thanks to the 50% CRR (constant reserve ratio), the price growth will be relatively proportional, even and predictable, which gives us the opportunity to control sharp jumps in the token price more thoroughly.

The difference between the minimum and maximum token price of 199.5 times (19,950%) will create sufficient speculative interest for delegates.