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Coins-photo 2021-03-22 22-36-28 2 .jpg "'RRUNION"' is a custom token of the 'RRU' command.

The RRU team develops projects in various blockchains, in particular, specializes in the creation of CRR tokens. It has also already presented several projects for DeciamChain, such as a calculator for delegating custom tokens, a validator and other projects useful for the network.

History of coin creation

The 'RRUNION' coin was created on March 24, 2021 with a CRR of 69%, an issue of 169777, and a reserve of 2000 DEL.

The price at the time of creation is 0.017 DEL

The coin was created in order to increase the profitability of the base DEL coin during delegation, as well as for use in various projects of the team.

Advantages of the token

High delegation price - when delegating, the coin retains most of its price. At the same time, due to the constant redemption of the coin, the rewards will also grow over time.

Moderate volatility - due to a CRR of 69%, the coin shows a fairly stable behavior in the market.

Delegation is a slow process, which means that the coin price must be stable enough to correctly calculate investment risks.

Constant growth - the RRU team constantly buys the coin at its own expense, and also attracts third-party investors to its projects.

Economics and Calculations

In this section, we will look at how the coin will behave when certain reserves are reached and how it can be used.

Calculation table

We will take data from the custom token delegation calculator created by our team.

To begin with, consider the change in price and price in delegation. In this table, we can see how the value of the coin will change with an increase in the reserve. The delegation price is calculated based on the assumption that 93% of all coins will be delegated.

Coins-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-25 v 13.54.19.png Coins-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-25 v 13.55.23.png

Yield chart relative to DEL

Coins-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-25 v 13.55.39.png

In this graph, we can observe how the delegated stake of the coin will change with the growth of the reserve. For convenience in calculations, the income from delegation is taken as 8% per month and an increase in the initial stake by 5 thousand DEL per month.

The graph shows that at the beginning, when buying a token, its value in delegation is inferior to the yield of DEL, but with the increase in value, the amount is recalculated and overtakes the base coin.

Benefit for coin holders and delegators

As can be seen from the table and graph , in this case , the benefit can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Hold and sell at a higher price

  2. Delegate and increase the stake and accordingly increase the rewards from this stake

Thus, this coin can be attractive both for delegation and for investing without delegation, and also by buying this coin you help the team to develop their projects and the blockchain as a whole.

Coins-photo 2021-03-22 22-36-28 2 .jpg 
Coins-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-25 v 13.54.19.png Coins-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-25 v 13.55.23.png 
Coins-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-25 v 13.55.39.png