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ZARUBA is an internal unit of 'ZARUBA' company

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"ZARUBA" is a company actively developing in the field of NFT games. ZARUBA issues unique cards of real fighters digitized into NFT tokens by purchasing which you get the RIGHT to receive a reward in tokens for all the fights of your fighter.

Presentation of the company

Information channel in telegram - @go_zaruba

The economic component in the ZARUBA token

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  • Token name - ZARUBA (6 characters)

  • Date of creation - October 21, 2021

  • Initial token issue - 1000 ZARUBA

  • The final issue of the token is 50,000 ZARUBA

  • Initial token reserve - 1000 DEL

  • CRR parameter - 85% (token reinforcement with DEL coin)

  • Initial price of 1 ZARUBA token - 1.1 DEL

Additional token issue: is possible.

Mechanism for additional issues

The mechanism of the additional issue as follows:

1. After the entire token issue is produced, a notification will be sent to the telegram channel "'@go_zaruba"'

2. Next, a vote will be held in the telegram channel in order to find out the opinion of the audience. There are two voting options: "'issue of additional issue'" or "'postpone for 30 days'". To approve the vote, 60% of the votes must be collected. The voting duration is 7 days.

3. An additional issue always comes in the amount of 10,000 ZARUBAs

4. You can not do an additional issue more often than once every 30 days.

ZARUBA token Growth

Why is the ZARUBA token growing in price?

1. Due to the implementation of unique cards of fighters (NFT tokens), the DEL asset is accumulated, which are used to pay off the ZARUBA token.

2. The issued ZARUBA tokens are sent to the "validator" for lifetime delegation. This mechanism permanently removes ZARUBA tokens from the market, thereby fixing the price. The more NFT is sold, the more ZARUBA is paid off and, as a result, the higher the price for the token.

3. ZARUBA tokens are located in the "validator" and generate daily profit in DEL coins. The received funds are exchanged for ZARUBA tokens. Which contributes to the constant purchase of tokens and stable growth.

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How to benefit from the ZARUBA token?

The participants of the ZARUBA project receive rewards in ZARUBA tokens after the fights.

Anyone can purchase ZARUBA by converting in a DecimalWallet or Decimal console wallet by following the link

1. Tokens can be stored on a wallet waiting for the price to rise with subsequent sale.

2. Send to the validator and receive daily accruals in the DEL coin.

3. Start speculating on the price of the token in the Decimalchain blockchain itself through the "conversion" section


Maxim bought 1000 ZARUBA tokens for 1300 DEL and sent (delegated) to the validator. The average purchase price came out 1.3 DEL for 1 ZARUBA.

Once the ZARUBA tokens are backed up (reserve) by 1300 DEL, then the accrual will go from this amount of DEL.

Imagine that a month later the price of the token increased to 1.7 DEL for 1 ZARUBA, the number of ZARUBA in the validator remained the same, but their reinforcement (reserve) is already 1700 DEL and the accrual will go from this amount, and the yield will be higher.

ZARUBA token statistics for 21 days

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Apps-2021-10-21 01.08.49.jpg 
Apps-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-07 v 18.14.10.png 
Apps-image 2021-11-10 10 39 26.jpg 
Apps-snimok ehkrana 2021-11-07 v 18.16.39.png