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POINTPSY is a token created to implement a loyalty program.

Loyalty program implies rewarding users for completing simple tasks in order to attract customers.

POINTPSY creation history

During the DecimalSchool course, it was decided to form an advertising budget in this way: create a functional token on the DecimalChain network and pay it to your SB team partners or customers for activity, subscription, registration, likes, reposts, reviews, videos, articles, attending live broadcasts, winning quizzes and sweepstakes, etc.

The loyalty program will be able to increase the involvement of subscribers and teammates in activities, increase coverage, attract loyal customers and potential partners.

Technical parameters of POINTPSY

Date of creation - November 15, 2021

  1. POINTPSY Name

  2. The constant reserve ratio (CRR) is 80%.

  3. The initial issue was set to 1,000,000 POINTPSY

  4. The initial reserve was set to 1000 DEL.

  5. Starting price 0.001 DEL

  6. The maximum issue is unlimited. Since the issue of coins must necessarily be secured by DEL, it makes no sense to limit it.

POINTPSY token Growth

Due to what the POINTPSY token will grow in price?

  1. Due to the implementation of certificates (NFT tokens), the DEL asset is accumulated, which are used to pay off the POINTPSY token.

  2. The received POINTPSY tokens are sent to the validator for lifetime delegation. This mechanism permanently removes POINTPSY tokens from the market, thereby fixing the price. The more NFT is sold, the greater the buying up of POINTPSY and, as a result, the higher the price for the token.

  3. POINTPSY tokens are in the validator and generate daily profit in DEL coins. The received DEL is exchanged for POINTPSY tokens. Which contributes to the constant purchase of tokens and stable growth.

  4. To support the value of the token, a stake in DEL has been created and delegated to a reliable DecimalSchool validator, the generated dels go to the POINTPSY token.