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Decimal Wiki is not a mass media, not an encyclopedia in the usual sense of the term, not a personal blog or an official portal of an organization or a public group. It is a jointly created online encyclopedia under a free license, that is, a voluntary community of people and groups creating a common repository of knowledge about DecimalChain and other blockchains, cryptocurrencies and related technologies. The conception of this Wiki allows anyone who has access to the Internet to change its contents. The editors of the project strive to verify and correct all the articles being created, but this is not always possible in real time. Therefore, please note that the information provided here has not necessarily been verified by professionals with the knowledge necessary to provide you with complete, accurate or trustworthy information.


Decimal Wiki content is created by the efforts of volunteers. The accuracy and impartiality of the information provided in Decimal Wiki is not guaranteed. In addition to verified data, accompanied by links to sources, the articles may contain personal opinions of the authors, assumptions, guesses and just jokes. If possible, the relevant places in the articles will be explicitly commented on or marked with a template.


The materials used in the Decimal Wiki articles are collected from various open sources, so it is not always possible to trace the authorship. If the authors find their materials in Decimal Wiki, please inform the administration about it. At your request, the authorship will either be explicitly indicated or the material will be deleted.