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Decimal is a blockchain that provides users with an opportunity you to easily and quickly create their own coins. With a wide variety of use cases.

It is characterized by high security, stable operation, reliability and at the same time is easy to use and understandable to everyone. Decimal is available and popular with a wide range of users around the world. After all, people can develop and promote their own projects on its basis.

Main features

Decimal is a crypto «constructor». Any entrepreneur, from an inexperienced blogger to a business giant — can issue their own currency and manage it without special technical skills.

DecimalChain implies all the latest developments of the blockchain industry, such as:

  • tokenization of assets;
  • instant payment;
  • points in loyalty systems;
  • cashback services;
  • user identification;
  • confirmation of ownership rights and authenticity of documents;
  • tracking of goods along supply chains;
  • honest algorithms for the gambling industry;
  • automatic execution of contracts;
  • guarantee of cash payments and safety of valuables;
  • providing access to various resources;
  • fair voting, lending and so on.

Decimal Network Speed

DEL coin transfers cross borders within 6 seconds and cannot be canceled by the sender.

Coin creation and use on the Decimal network

On your personal console, you can create your own liquid (backed by a DEL reserve) coin in a few clicks with its own specifics, uniqueness and easily integrate it into your product or service. Decimal implements an unambiguous pricing mechanism for each coin. Each of the network tokens can be exchanged for any other Decimal token at any time, and the transaction fee can be paid with any network token at your disposal.


Based on the testing experience during the development of Decimal, we have the following approximate data on the cost of each transaction:

  • send ~ 0.41 DEL
  • multisend ~ 0.479 DEL (2 recipients)
  • sell ~ 0.484 DEL
  • sell ~ 0.444 DEL
  • buy ~ 0.54 DEL
  • declare candidacy (declaration of candidate) ~ 10.674 DEL
  • edit candidate ~ 10.494 DEL
  • delegate ~ 0.564 DEL
  • unbond ~ 0.604 DEL
  • set online ~ 0.396 DEL
  • set offline ~ 0.394 DEL
  • create multisig ~ 0.494 DEL
  • create multisig transaction ~ 0.542 DEL
  • sign transaction ~ 0.544DEL
  • cash check ~ 0.03 DEL

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