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This is a page with the instruction guide to the Decimal Console.

Decimal Console

1. To view the rewards credited to your wallet balance, go to the Decimal Console by following the link to the Delegation tab (1) and pay attention to the Total Reward block (2):

The coins are immediately credited to your wallet balance.

Decimal Explorer

Rewards in online mode can be viewed in the DecimalChain Explorer via the link or the link to the explorer is available at the bottom of the console page via the Explorer button:

1. Copy (2) your wallet address from the Dashboard (1):

2. Go to the explorer and paste your wallet address in the search field. Press Enter:

In the Operations tab of the address block, find the Rewards tab:

Here, all the rewards that accrue to you from delegation are displayed. They are immediately credited to your wallet balance. ‏‎

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