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·How LEGION GAME works

·The history of the LEGION GAME creation

·LEGION GAME Technical Parameters

A budget of 1,000 DEL was spent on the creation of the token

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LG is an internal digital unit of calculation of the LEGION GROUP company, created for several main purposes:

1.rewards for activity in the classroom (Bounty)

2.remuneration for inviting a person to a presentation (regardless of the purchase of the product by the invited person)

3.payment of partner rewards, cashbacks, gifts and salaries to founders and hired employees

4.getting access to intermediate and advanced level educational products

5.competitive points that make it possible to win the course for 1st and 2nd place at the marathon

6.discounts from the company at the rate of 1 token = 1 percent discount, but no more than 50% discount per course . How LEGION GAME works

LEGION GAME has several stages of training in each product, and in order to get access to the products, starting from the second stage, the client must first buy a DEL token, and then exchange it in the console for a LEGIONGAME token.

The first stage of training is always purchased for the national currency (ruble). At the first stage of training, all basic information about blockchain technology, exchange offices and other necessary resources and services to start working with the cryptocurrency market is given. This is more than enough to buy a DEL and exchange it for a LEGION GAME token.

Thus, a person passes an exam to move to the second (main) stage of training, and the criterion for passing the exam is the transaction of the LEGION GAME token to the company's wallet.

With the help of the LEGION GAME token, LEGION GROUP increases the demand for the DEL token, simplifies settlements with students and founders, and introduces users to the basics of the DecimalChain ecosystem. . The history of the LEGION GAME creation

LEGION GROUP companies decided to start using blockchain to conduct their business processes and started by issuing diplomas on blockchain technology, making education honest.

To do this, the company issued a LEGION DOCS token in order to send it to the student's wallet, indicating in the comments the information from the printed certificate.

The certificates inscribed in the blockchain were liked by the company's customers, so it was decided to create a LEGION GAME token to exchange it for the company's educational products.

The founders of LEGIONGROUP are delegates of the DEL coin and are interested in its development, and this is another reason why the company created a token that increases the demand for the DEL coin and allows making settlements between people in tokens.

To implement the idea of calculation, a user agreement is created, according to which LEGION GAME is an internal digital unit of calculation created to encourage its customers and to use the functionality of the educational platform.

LEGION GAME Technical Parameters

A budget of 1,000 DEL was spent on the creation of the token



·- The initial issue was set at 10,000 tokens

·- The initial reserve was set to 1,000 DEL

·- The maximum issue was set at 940 billion tokens, which is about 10 times higher than the maximum issue of DEL. This decision was made because the token rate was fixed 1/10 of the DEL rate

·- The Constant Redundancy Ratio (CRR) has been set to 100%. Thus, the token always has a stable exchange rate, which makes it convenient to settle between the company and customers, and also makes it possible to delegate the token to get maximum returns.