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·What is the Monkey Club project?

·Monkey Club Membership

·Statuses in Monkey Club for bonded balance

·How the Monkey Club coin works in the community

·Membership Activation algorithm

·Technical architecture of Monkey Club

·The history of the creation of the Monkey Club token

·Distribution of the Monkey Club

Technical characteristics of the token


The Monkey Club project is a combination of the Monkey Club token and the Monkey validator. Some of the information in the WP token may be partially or completely repeated in the WP validator Monkey Club Phuket and other WP validators Monkey, if they differ from each other.

The full description of the Monkey Club project will be set out in the validator's WP. This document aims to give the reader general information about the project and its custom token. In WP, the reader can find out what Monkey Club is, what the project token was created for, its technical characteristics and how it will be used in the community.

What is the Monkey Club project?

Monkey Club is a project of Monkey Car Phuket (car and bike rental), created with the consulting support of the Legion Group team and technical support/maintenance of the DecimalPro team.

We have created an international community of company owners, freelancers and their clients, membership in which gives the right to receive discounts and privileges in service.

Company owners, freelancers and clients are united in one chat, which gives club members the opportunity to meet or make friends with entrepreneurs, and the latter can receive feedback from customers and improve the service. The project is being launched with a community of entrepreneurs in Phuket, Kingdom of Thailand, and will expand to other Asian countries and beyond.

The appearance of Monkey Club in a new country or region will be accompanied by the opening of a new partner validator with a prefix at the place of the validators' opening.

For example, Monkey Club Pattaya, Monkey Club Bali, Monkey Club Phu Quoc, Monkey Miami, Monkey Club Dominican Republic, etc.

Thanks to the placement of information about validators in the blockchain, any user, client and partner or investor of Monkey Club will be able to see the territorial scale of the club.

The project was created to unite entrepreneurs and their clients, which creates something like a “sandbox” - closed, but at the same time public and open to everyone who wants to be in it for their personal benefit.

Monkey Club tokens will be integrated and used in the business processes of partners who create high-quality service and have an impeccable reputation in the most popular resorts of Southeast Asia (Thailand/Bali/Vietnam) and in other regions of the globe.

Monkey Club Membership

To become a member of the Monkey Club, you must delegate the Monkey Club token to the Monkey validator.

Members of the Monkey Club international community, based on the delegated balance of the Monkey Club token in the Monkey validator, receive discounts in partner companies related to servicing residents and guests of Southeast Asia. . Statuses in Monkey Club for bonded balance

1. Co-Founders of Monkey Club

·Oleg Oleynik, Director of the Monkey Car rental company in Phuket.

·Konstantin Medvedev, Director of Development at Legion Group.

·Kirill Nesterenko, Technical Director of Monkey Sag Infrastructure.

2. Monkey Club partner companies and freelancers

The Monkey Club partner company and freelancer are trusted people who provide their services to guests and residents of resort towns.

3. Club member

Any person who buys a membership in the Monkey Club can become a member of the club, receives a custom token on his balance and delegates it to the Monkey validator.

There can be three levels of membership for the delegated balance in the validator, which give different conditions for obtaining privileges. Accordingly, the higher the membership level, the more benefits there are in each business of friends-partners.

More information about the statuses and benefits of each of them can be found in the WP of the Monkey Club vadidator.

How the Monkey Club coin works in the community

In order to receive service privileges from partner companies at resorts, it is necessary to have a delegated balance of the Monkey Club token in the Monkey validator.

The number of tokens in delegation and the amount of privileges are determined by the tariffs on the company's website, which is under development until final approval with the Monkey Club partners in Phuket.

Membership Activation algorithm

Step 1: A person who wants to become a member of the Monkey Club chooses the desired level of membership in the club on the company's website and leaves a membership application.

Step 2: The manager contacts the client and helps download the DecimalWallet wallet, after which the client sends the wallet address and his data (photo, F. And. A.) to the manager.

Step 3: The Monkey Club tokens are sent to the client and the attached message indicates the data about the client, and the link to the wallet is “sewn” into a QR code.

Note: if the person who submitted the application already has a Decimal wallet and a DEL token, then the number of delegated tokens will be recalculated in favor of the company.

Step 4: The company creates a personalized card (like a pass or a driver's license) with a photo, data about the membership package and a QR code with a link to the wallet.

Step 5: A member of the club receives a card in digital or printed format (depending on where the guest is: he has arrived or is just about to arrive), after which he can receive the services of many companies with discounts by simply presenting it to the Monkey Club partner companies.

Step 6: When a member of the club comes to the partner's establishment, he shows his personal card, the employee scans the QR code and checks the delegated wallet balance. If the delegated balance corresponds to the membership level, then the owner of the personalized card receives privileges in the service.

Technical architecture of Monkey Club

First, the Monkey Club project will work in manual mode; this is necessary to check all the mechanisms of interaction and understand what automation software is really needed for work and what they should be.

Next, a mobile application will be created that will also improve the efficiency and convenience of business and user experience, such as Yandex Food, Delivery Club and others with the function of a crypto wallet and navigator.

This software will allow you to create referral links when registering members and partners, activate membership or partnership through delegation in the app, pay partner bonuses for purchases of connected club members, see available privileges for each entrepreneur, select an institution on the map, automatically route to it, and register a club member's order via a QR code in the app.

A nice bonus is mining DEL right in our application. Plus the ability to connect your friends who will go on vacation, make orders in partner companies, and the upliner will earn from their orders.

The history of the Monkey Club token

On June 26, 2021, a community appeared, the token of which will give discounts and privileges for service in the partner network.

June 27, 2021 - the decision to make the club international in order to popularize the tokenization of companies and freelancers among the friends of the co-founders.

June 28 - agreements were reached with 15 partners who are preparing their proposals for club members. At the moment, the co-founders of the club are preparing proposals and the WP validator Monkey.

The tokenization process is led by Konstantin Medvedev, co-founder of the Monkey Club international community and a consultant on the tokenization of Monkey Club partners, a member of the Legion validator team and the author of successful tokenization projects on the DecimalChain blockchain.

The DecimalPro team was invited to deploy and maintain the Monkey validator, since the DecimalPro team successfully serves two validators of the DecimalChain network and not only (without penalties).

The Monkey Club team is for the reliability of maintaining delegated balances, so it works only with professionals.

Distribution of the Monkey Club token

The initial issue of the Monkey Club token was set at one thousand Monkey Club tokens, which will be fully distributed among the club's partners in different shares.

Each partner will distribute tokens among the clients that they choose independently. The partner chooses the proportions of the distribution of tokens between clients at his discretion. If, after the distribution of the first issue, the co-founders have free tokens, then they go into delegation from the founders' wallet to their validator.

Technical characteristics of the token

·Name: Monkey Coin. ·Ticker: Monkey Club. ·The initial issue is a thousand tokens. ·The initial reserve is one thousand DEL. ·1 Monkey Coin = 1 DEL. ·The maximum issue is 21 million Monkey Club. ·The Constant Redundancy Ratio (CRR) has been set to 100%. Thus, the token always has a stable 1-to-1 exchange rate, which makes it convenient to purchase and activate funds.