Development and management of the Decimal blockchain is carried out by the cryptocurrency company DECIMAL PTE. LTD., which emerged from the BIT.TEAM development team led by entrepreneur Alexey Berdnikov.

Ideology and Values

The company's philosophy is to create a project for ordinary users. The developers are focused on providing every individual with a tool for efficient interaction with the world of cryptocurrencies – something universal and technically complex, yet simple to use and apply.

Users should spend their time solving their immediate problems rather than learning the interface. To eliminate the need for users to set up their own blockchain network and code transaction logic, Decimal will provide such functionality out of the box: simply generate a wallet and send/receive tokens.

The Decimal team is continuously expanding the selection of decentralized applications, using their own development resources as well as collaborating with external teams and motivating enthusiasts. The name Decimal reflects the strict determinism of processes within the technology, mathematical precision, the developers' pursuit of high accuracy to the nth decimal place, and the reliability of all computational processes.

By studying the works and ideas of the best in our field, the team has embraced the ideology of union. Our vision of Web 3.0 entails a union of protocols and standards, seamless utilization of the specific features and advantages offered by different blockchains.

Development of the Decimal Blockchain

Mainnet launch date - August 1, 2020

2021: 50,000 active addresses, 50 algorithmic tokens, 12 validators

2022: 130,000 active addresses, 120 algorithmic tokens, 27 validators

2023: 190,000 active addresses, 250th position on the world blockchain list according to CoinMarketCap, 261 algorithmic tokens, 76 validators

The Decimal blockchain is based on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint technologies. It has all the features required for integration of the Internet of blockchains (Web3.0), the DeFi sector, the global DSC update (Decimal Smart Chain) combining IBC and EVM, connecting the two largest infrastructures together.

Already at the time of its development in 2019, Decimal integrated trending solutions that many projects are implementing only now:

  • Algorithmic tokens, available to any user. An algorithmically created token can be traded across the blockchain via the Decimal wallet or on the AmpleSwap DEX. And thanks to simple and reliable formulas, the use of these tokens is safe for all users.
  • Voting: this allows the community to choose the direction of the project development. According to the roadmap, by the end of 2023, the powers will pass into the hands of the Decimal DAO.
  • Multi-signature: provides secure joint asset management.
  • Multisend transaction: mass sending of transactions is a convenient tool for marketing campaigns. Want to send your token as an advertisement to 1000 users? No problem, just insert a list of addresses and you're done.


  • The team finalized the API and SDK for blockchain developers.
  • The Decimal blockchain wiki was created as an open knowledge base for the project
  • Developed a page - rating of projects by capitalization (currently 261 projects with reserve capitalization of 315,082,977 DEL ~ $6 million)


In 2021, the Decimal team implemented:

  • Cross-chain bridges in the BSC/ETH network.
  • NFT with the storage of the original inside and liquidity, which allows art to be endowed not only with cultural, but also with actual value.
  • Infrastructure improvement, updating of all sites and services.
  • Listings on exchanges and rating agencies.


  • DSC (Decimal Smart Chain), EVM implementation, smart contracts.
  • Integration with MetaMask, Keplr, Ledger, Trust Wallet, Tangem.
  • Functionality for automatic burning of part of the commission.
  • The ability to burn any token or coin.
  • Integration with Third Web.


  • Introduced Decimal DAO, a community-oriented platform for collaboration on projects, sharing resources and achieving common goals in a much more transparent, secure and decentralized environment.
  • Release of Decimal DAO White Paper.
  • Launch of the 1st DDAO round, a round of 200 million DDAO (~$4 million) completed in five days.
  • Launch of DEX AmpleSwap.

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