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You may have heard of ‘staking’ crypto
It has become very popular as a way to get involved in crypto quickly and efficiently. Rewarding and fun, crypto staking is a huge part of the industry. Many stakers find that it is simply easier and less stressful to delegate your funds than conventional crypto mining and investment.
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What is staking coins?

When we put money into a savings account we receive interest. With crypto staking, it is very much the same principle. Crypto staking involves placing your coins into a blockchain. This means you help to maintain that blockchain and strengthen its security measures.
In return, you receive a percentage share as a yield (like a dividend on a traditional stock). The yield you receive is typically much higher than one you might receive from a traditional savings account.
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How it works

How staking happens
Staking coins happens via the ‘proof-of-stake’ mechanism. If you want to get involved in staking, you have to buy crypto that uses that mechanism.
About proof-of-stake
Proof-of-stake is robust and secure, because essentially it is disadvantageous for anyone to try and corrupt the system. Anyone purchasing a stake becomes a ‘validator’ and instantly has something to lose if the coin depreciates in value. This commitment makes the coin and the blockchain more secure. Once you have staked your currency, you can be penalised for infractions, such as going offline for an extended period of time.
What if…
Once you have bought that crypto, you will probably find that the exchange that you purchased it from has its own staking crypto program. If this is not the case, you will have to move the funds to a blockchain wallet. Once you have the wallet all set up, withdraw the crypto from the exchange to the crypto staking wallet.
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Is staking crypto worth it?

Very much so. People stake because they know that the potential return on interest is very high. Some stakers have experienced returns of 20% annually as staking rewards, for example.
You also don’t need equipment for staking crypto, like you would for crypto mining. This makes it more environmentally friendly. In addition to that, you play a huge part in keeping a coin secure and viable.
Staking rewards calculator
A number of coins and crypto staking platforms do offer a crypto staking calculator. These apps allow you to enter your level of investment (stake) and then see how the investment is expected to perform over time. They work by looking at the past performance of a coin.
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Is staking profitable?

That 20% return is very attractive. Obviously, crypto can be very volatile at times, but as long as you choose a currency that you know is growing, you will receive profit over time. Having a stake in a currency ensures its growth, this is why staking has become such a popular way to invest.

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