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Using a crypto launchpad is a great way to minimise risk when investigating a cryptocurrency project. It's also a way to find a like-minded community that can help you grow your crypto experience. But what exactly is a launchpad? And how does it work?
What is a crypto launchpad
Crypto launchpads are platforms that help investors find new crypto projects. They are also places where developers and creators can showcase their products and gain quick access to the market. When Bitcoin first surfaced, it soon became clear that those who had invested early (‘early adopters’) were making the most money. This is because these investors were able to ‘get in’ before growth skyrocketed. As the currency exploded, so did profits for those early, more astute buyers. On a launchpad, a wide variety of crypto projects and blockchain initiatives are hosted in one place. This gives investors the opportunity to get in early, and enjoy the benefits of long-term profit alongside other perks, like discounted costs. And of course, it is much cheaper to be in at the early stages of a coin’s development. Crypto launchpads are safe. The infrastructure has been designed so that investors and creators are working within stringent guidelines. That makes the whole process more positive and meaningful, and is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the platforms.
How it works
A crypto launchpad provides investors and project creators with security and transparency through its infrastructure. Projects are carefully vetted before being placed on a launchpad. A third party performs KYC (Know Your Customer) on launchpads as part of its verification process for users. A KYC (know your customer) step may be added before a launch to comply with relevant regulations across different jurisdictions. In order to register for this scheme, participants must provide proof of their identity (usually a photo ID and proof of address). In addition to reducing the number of qualified participants, this approach will largely resolve both frontrunning and network congestion issues. Project teams can also work out a guaranteed allocation of participants if they know the maximum number of participants. Thus, there will be a longer participation window and less stress. It is becoming increasingly common for creators to show their work to the world through launchpads. In recent years, a growing number of launchpads have been springing up since they are relatively inexpensive. Launchpads have become increasingly popular as projects seek exposure through them. Founders are able to connect with dedicated investors and crypto enthusiasts through Launchpad in order to grow their projects efficiently and effectively.
Best crypto launchpad
For investors and creators alike, choosing one of crypto launchpad projects isn’t something you can just jump straight into. It requires some analysis of the features of the launchpad and how it provides its services. A launchpad should offer investors and creators security. It is essential that a launchpad's safety starts at the time of signup and continues through staking. Additionally, it should adhere to information security standards, such as GDPR, to protect data and identities, as well as provide Know Your Customer procedures to verify that the enlisted projects are not scams. Depending on the launchpad, the guarantee of return will vary. Investing in a platform should be analysed according to the minimum stake amount and the benefits that come with it. It's common for launchpads to guarantee investors a percentage of profits starting at the highest levels, while others will offer a lottery to top investors.
Why choose us?
With years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain, Decimal has expert blockchain engineers on its team. With its blockchain experts, clients can develop tokens to their specifications. In addition to token development, deployment, and customisation with effective marketing, we offer clients complete blockchain solutions. No matter what blockchain a smart contract is built on, whether it's Ethereum, BSC, or another, security is critical. Your launchpad token can be vulnerable to attacks even with small changes to the standard contract. The audit report you receive from Decimal is accepted by all the major exchanges as well as the crypto community and investors alike Upon completing the listing process for your coin/token, our cryptocurrency exchange listing managers will ensure that your coin/token will be listed on major exchanges. We will give your trading activities tremendous exposure through our exchange listing services. The leading exchanges in the market are all in close contact with us. Tokens will be listed on top exchanges at reasonable prices by our team. Only if you can reach prospective investors and potential users will blockchain technology make a difference. With its excellent marketing promotional strategy, Decimal helps your project gain worldwide exposure. A token is promoted across the world using a number of platforms to get global access. In order to ensure the success of your project, Decimalchain offers top advisory services. We provide legal advice, listings, and marketing services. If you want to make your business known to the world, we offer partners with the top media publications. With our legal advisory advice, we are able to assist you in all aspects of crypto project compliance.
Launchpads ensure that crypto venture projects find the appropriate investors. Furthermore, crypto enthusiasts can get to know business owners through such launchpads.
Launchpad crypto platforms provide a global visibility and audience traction boost for crypto business projects.
Investors in launchpad pools can profit quickly thanks to automated liquidity pools built into the platform.
In the launchpad, users can connect to multiple blockchain networks at the same time to interact with projects.
The visibility of blockchain is limitless and benefits investors and audiences across the globe.
With a clear vision and scope, the launchpad builds trust among sovereign investors.
Reputation and value
By launching verified crypto projects, the launchpad builds a reputation and value that enables it to gain a wide audience. Through listing, it also assists projects in achieving their value.
Who we work with
Launch a project on Decimal now!
We offer a comprehensive solution for development and launch. And with the support of a rapidly growing community, now is the time to look at using Decimal for your project. It couldn’t be easier. If you have the world’s best project ready to unleash, consider getting in touch with Decimal’s team today.
Can projects have bespoke services?
Depending on their needs, projects can select any specific service. Nevertheless, we recommend them take our integrated package in order to save time and energy and to ensure their complete satisfaction.
What is an IDO?
It is a crowdfunding method that allows cryptocurrency projects to introduce their native tokens through decentralised exchanges (DEXs).
Are launchpads profitable?
In almost all instances, Decimal projects have been profitable, with some token offerings sold out in seconds. Hundreds of thousands of people are also engaging in the Decimal launchpad.

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