Specify the number of coins to be purchased, the calculator will calculate the amount of DEL to be paid. Click the Buy button. You will see how the amount and value of the coin has changed, as well as the capitalization in DEL.

We have created a 'AAA' coin of 10,000 units with a 50% reservation factor and a 1000 DEL reserve. The market value of our coins is 2000 DEL (we have provided only half of the issue, this is CRR). The starting price per coin is 0.2 DEL (resulting from the division of 2000/10000).

Then we start to simulate the purchase of a coin in equal shares of 1,000 coins and we can see that the value of the coin is increasing. If the first purchaser was charged an average of 0.21 DEL per thousand coins, the second one will already cost 0.23 DEL and so on. That is, the more coins in circulation, the higher the price of each coin.

Please note that the market value of the coin will increase in proportion to the CRR, in our case the market value of each invested DEL coin will increase by 2 DEL. There is a direct correlation between volatility and CRR.