The console provides you with the following capabilities:

  1. Wallet and multisig wallet management: sending, receiving, and storing DEL coins and other Decimal blockchain tokens;
  2. Conversion of custom Decimal blockchain coins to DEL and vice versa;
  3. Cross-chain swap: transferring coins between Decimal, Ethereum, and Bitcoin blockchains, exchanging DEL, ETH, and BTC;
  4. Delegating your assets to a staking validator, moving stakes between validators, and withdrawing stakes;
  5. Launching your own masternode;
  6. Creating your own coin or token on the Decimal blockchain;
  7. Creating your own NFT token on the Decimal blockchain, sending, receiving, and staking NFTs;
  8. Issuing and redeeming checks.

Access to the console functionality is provided through the left vertical menu.