The Crosschain Swap tool allows wallet owners to send Decimal tokens to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Please note that the sender pays the crosschain swap fee in both the source and target blockchains!

The Crosschain Swap panel contains the following blocks:

1. Source blockchain. Here you select the assets you want to transfer - Decimal Smart Chain (DSC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens are available for transfer, provided that you have them in your balance. The current balance is indicated below, next to the logo and address of your account. In the next line, choose the desired coin from the drop-down list and enter the transfer amount.

2. Target blockchain. In this block, you specify the blockchain to which you intend to make the transfer and the target coin for conversion. You cannot specify the same coins in both blockchains! Below, enter the recipient's address in the target blockchain.

3. Toggle button for transaction direction.

4. "Create transfer" - with this button, you initiate the crosschain swap operation after entering all the data.

5. "My swaps" - the history of your crosschain transactions.

To perform a crosschain swap:

1) Select the crosschain swap direction;

2) Make sure you have sufficient funds in all your addresses to pay the fee;

3) Click "Create swap";

4) Specify the coin to transfer, the amount, and the recipient's address.

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