Dashboard is the main screen of the service, where all information is brought together and transformed into a graphical interface. The DecimalChain console offers the user all the key blockchain analytics, metrics, statistics and controls. 

1. "Wallet" is the default section. Allows you to view your wallet information and make outgoing transactions, including burning.

2. The information block of your wallet: address, balance, conversion buttons.

3. "Send" + Advanced mode: tools for sending and burning coins and tokens.

4. "My coins / My tokens". It contains information about the balance of your coins and tokens of the Decimal blockchain, secured by the DEL coin, and EVM tokens not secured by DEL.

5. "My NFT" — displays the last created NFTs and their reserve. Clicking on "View All" takes you to the NFT section.

6. "Transactions" — information on transactions of the Decimal blockchain and EVM transactions of your wallet. The "View all" button allows you to go to the Browser of your wallet address.

7. "Multisig" — switching to multisig wallet mode.

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