After deploying and launching the masternode on the server, you will need to register it in the console under your wallet (the address of your Decimal wallet will appear automatically in this field):


You will need to delegate an initial stake. To do this, specify the coin and the stake amount for delegation (coins are automatically converted to DEL at the current exchange rate when sent):


Next, you will need to clarify the public key of the masternode with the developer. It is broadcasted to the blockchain and is publicly accessible. This is what will establish the connection with your Decimal wallet. Security is ensured using a private key, which is not accessible to anyone (except your developers).


Be sure to set the desired commission fee for the validator's work. It will be deducted from the regular earnings of users who have delegated their coins to your validator. You can specify any value from 0% to 100%:


Then it's simple - the name of the validator (for example, your company name), your email, and website address:


The description, which will be available to everyone, is usually a welcome message or brief information about the company:


The final step is to enter a message, select a coin to pay the commission, and then to confirm the registration by clicking the "Declare" button:


Now, inform your developers of your wallet address in the Decimal system and monitor the validator's status on the "Explorer → Blockchain → Validators" page:


Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the technical documentation for validators in our Yellow Paper (opens new window). We wish you stable profits!