After entering the wallet address in the search box, the following window opens:

Here we can see the following information:

  • Address - address of the selected wallet
  • Balance - wallet balance for each coin of the Decimal network
  • #Transactions - the number of transactions completed for this address
  • List of operations divided into 4 tabs
    • TRANSACTIONS - a list of transactions on sending or receiving coins on the network. Displays: Transaction Hash, Block Number, Transaction Date, Transaction Type, and Coin Volume
    • STAKES - displays the volume of shares delegated to nodes with the name of the custom coin, the public address of the node and the volume of coins
    • REWARDS - shows the rewards from delegation. In the list: Date of receipt, Block number, Type of reward, Validator public key and amount of reward in coins
    • SLASHES - if your funds delegated to validator are subject to a fine, then all information about the lost funds will be on this tab.

At the bottom of the page a schedule of payments of rewards to the selected address is shown