Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) represent ownership rights to digital assets. These tokens are created, signed, and sold through blockchain, ensuring their uniqueness.

DecimalChain is a simple constructor for all types of tokens. Any user can create their own NFT on the open DecimalChain blockchain in just three minutes and without any special skills!

Token creation involves implementing an intuitive interface and simple steps: using a decentralized wallet, filling out a form with the characteristics of your own token, such as name, total supply, and the presence of reserves in DEL. A reserve in the base coin DecimalChain enables quick liquidity and future implementation of the token in business processes. 

Similarly, NFTs are also created on the DecimalChain blockchain, simplifying users' entry into the world of digital assets and tokenized art. Participants in DecimalChain can expect their creations to have value from the moment of creation since the issued NFTs are backed by the base token DEL.

What can be turned into an asset using NFTs:

  • Digital art.
  • Gaming cards.
  • Series of art videos.
  • Virtual real estate.
  • Virtual fashion.
  • Tweets/posts.
  • Historical artifacts (marginal notes, rough drafts, first drafts).
  • And anything your imagination allows.

How to earn with NFTs on the Decimal blockchain:

Implementation example of NFT on the DecimalChain blockchain

DecimalChain has become the parent blockchain for the implementation of projects to create tokens for more than 20 developers, including the creation of NFTs for issuing diplomas in an online educational institution. For example, graduates of an online trading school receive course completion certificates in the form of NFT certificates and NFT diplomas.

NFT certificates and diplomas on the DecimalChain blockchain have two levels of protection.

  • The NFT itself with a description of who owns the certificate or diploma, the serial number, and the date of issuance.
  • To confirm the authenticity of the certificate, a QR code with a link to the school's token transaction to the graduate's wallet is applied to the cover and the attached file.

With such a diploma, the graduate can be confident that they will never lose it and can verify its authenticity at any time. This diploma will not "gather dust on a shelf" but can generate income for the graduate: it can be delegated and mined for DEL.

Students are much more eager to attend classes and complete assignments because it is also one of the first implementations of NFTs beyond the art sphere, so there is a high probability that they can also be sold as some kind of exhibit. - Vladimir Alexandrov, Co-founder of the trading school.