Before starting Decimal Guard it is necessary create and sign offline transaction with message validator/set_offline which will be used to turn off validator when it does not sign blocks.

Generator configuration

To configure gentx tool you should create file .env at directory cmd/gentx. Example of the configuration:

API_URL="" BASE_COIN_SYMBOL="del" MNEMONIC="bulb raw claw magnet romance jaguar life cluster solve random laptop salmon pottery subject country aware actual hope wedding hawk amused cage secret network"

Generator usage

To run gentx tool use following commands:

(cd ./cmd/gentx && go run gentx.go)

If everything is OK in terminal your will see output like this:

Chain ID: decimal-mainnet-07-28-18-30 Account: dx16rr3cvdgj8jsywhx8lfteunn9uz0xg2c7ua9nl (number: 2, sequence: 1) Operator address: dxvaloper16rr3cvdgj8jsywhx8lfteunn9uz0xg2czw6gx5 Transaction (hex): ab01282816a90a1a51f5833b0a14d0c71c31a891e5023ae63fd2bcf2732f04f32158120310be031a6a0a26eb5ae987210279f7e074d08a23e2fc7b7fd9e49a0d6570a28bf6c9cb988e92f678c32935097412407979e0cc483f241e48ed3c371d9d668a5b978fb474afc5fea5803c89bd2a2dac3db15eb84fef1fce25e783e279a33bac7b96bbe6786c9608d52c69baecacf9d02218446563696d616c2047756172642074726967676572726564

Please, confirm that chain ID, account and operator addresses are correct. The last line is a generated transaction in hex format. You should use it as value for SET_OFFLINE_TX environment variable (by specifying in cmd/guard/.env) to run Decimal Guard.