Can you recall how in Hollywood movies characters write out big cheques to each other? Now you can do it as well, just write out a check to anyone.

To redeem a cheque and cash it out one needs to enter their address and your invented password. The money will be deposited to his wallet.

Nonce - for a novice user, this option can be ignored. It is technical and is shown here for special cases. For example, you may want to reissue a check or cancel a previous one.

Set a coin to send, an amount and a password at your discretion.

"Due block" - here you have to get a calculator and calculate the number of the desired block on your own at the rate of 14400 blocks per day. If you want to write out a cheque for 1 week, you need to see the current block number on Explorer (opens new window)and add 14400 times 7 to it, and paste the resulting number in this field.