It is necessary to initialize the node by creating the folder $HOME/.decimal using the command:

decd init YOUR_NODE_NAME --network mainnet|testnet|devnet --chain-id decimal-mainnet-08-01|xcvd|wgegeg

YOUR_NODE_NAME - the node name, for example `my-great-node;
mainnet|testnet|devnet - choose one of them for appropriate network;
|xcvd|wgegeg - change with chain-id for appropriate networks.

Note that executing this command creates a new consensus private key.

Execute the command:

cat $HOME/.decimal/daemon/config/priv_validator_key.json | jq --raw-output '.pub_key.value'

This command will display an ed25519 public key encoded in base64. This is the node's public key, you will need it later to register the validator (in the Public key field), you must save it.

Please note that if you have registered a validator under a certain public key, then in this case the files with the private key and the node ID should be protected and not lost, in the same way as the private key from any wallet on the blockchain.

These files: