Start the node and wait for the synchronization to end:

decd start

While the node is synchronizing, you need to prepare an account with coins for the stake and the validator registration. To obtain tDEL test coins a faucet is available on Console (opens new window).

Once the node has been synchronized and is in the up-to-date state, it is necessary to register the prepared node as a validator and assign the initial stake, you need to form and send the Declare candidate transaction via the Console from the account planned to manage the validator on the blockchain. On this page you are to fill in the information about the node and send the transaction. On the same page it is possible to activate and deactivate the validator.

To find out the Public key, on a system with the node, you are to run the following command (Public key will be displayed in the Terminal):

cat $HOME/.decimal/daemon/config/priv_validator_key.json | jq --raw-output '.pub_key.value'