If a business contracts a developer to develop a smart contract, a process begins whereby the company and developer work closely together to produce the optimal result.

Smart contract development process

Step #1

First of all, the developer and client will have to define the requirements and the reasoning behind the venture. Business conditions are defined by the parties involved and communicated to the developer.

Step #2

Then, the architecture of the design is developed. As soon as the business logic has been determined, developers develop the architecture of the contract to reflect that logic. During development, this acts as a blueprint.

Step #3

The development then begins. During this stage, smart contracts are written for the chosen blockchain platform (e.g. Ethereum, EOS, etc.). Testing of the contracts is also carried out during this stage.

Step #4

An audit is the next step. A local blockchain is used for the internal audit followed by a testnet. Auditing makes sure the contract functions properly and is secure.

Step #5

Then the contract is deployed.