To create your own coin (points, tokens) use the "Coin issuing" section of the console.

Next you will need to enter ** full** and short name of the coin (ticker). For example, "My Own Ethereum" and Ethereum.

Initial supply is the original number of coins, e.g. 10 million.

For the creation of a coin or bonus points you need to pay a commission in the form of Decimal native coins - DELs. This amount will go to developers and validators (those who confirm transactions and transfer any coin within the network). And the amount of commission depends on the number of letters in the abbreviated name of your token (in the ticker).

Initial reserve - the amount of real money you want to secure a new coin. The minimum is 1,000 DEL.

Max supply will not allow users to increase the total number of coins above this value. This is necessary when you do not want or do not need to increase the number of coins. It can be useful for creators of loyalty programs.

Constant Resere Ratio or CRR as it is called also in English is a constant value. A number that affects exactly how much the coin value will increase when you buy coins and how much it will decrease when you sell coins. By setting CRR up you can adjust the original price of the coin. You can read more about this in White Paper or ask in Decimal community chat rooms.

After all parameters of the coin are set, Initial price of the coin is calculated.