Second (backup) validator

If you have a running validator node but want to prepare a second (backup) node on different hardware and start it when necessary, you can do the following:

1. Deploy the node in advance, similar to a regular node, alongside the current running node.

2. Synchronize the node with the blockchain to obtain the latest blocks.

3. If the current node has been deactivated, you should turn it off (decd stopped). Then:

Copy the validator keys from the main node's directory .decimal/daemon/config/:

a. priv_validator_key.json

b. node_key.json

4. Paste these keys into the corresponding directory on the second (backup) node. Important! Make sure the backup node is also turned off (decd stopped).

5. Start the backup node. Afterward, the node will quickly synchronize to the current state.

Once the synchronization is complete, send a SetOnline transaction from the Console, and the new node will take over the previously stopped node (make sure the first node doesn't go online).