Tangem is a physical device for storing and managing cryptocurrency. It is a "cold wallet" implemented in the form of a set of special cards with a security chip (secure element). The seed-phrase is generated by the chip and stored on it in encrypted form, and additional cards provide backup.

The Tangem wallet provides secure storage and use of cryptocurrencies through the use of specialized protection mechanisms, such as cryptography, continuous data storage and protection against unauthorized access. In addition, it is easy to use and can be easily used to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency offline. The wallet does not require charging the battery and connecting the cable. To manage assets, it is enough to have an NFC-enabled smartphone and install the Tangem application on it. Transactions are signed by attaching the card to the phone.

One of the main advantages of the Tangem wallet is its physical form, which allows you to conveniently store and transfer cryptocurrency funds, as well as easily verify their authenticity. The Tangem wallet allows the user to have full control over their cryptocurrency assets, while maintaining their security and reliability.

In September 2023, Decimal and Tangem signed a contract for the integration of the main network. DecimalChain can use Tangem cards to store and exchange its tokens. Tangem, in turn, can integrate DecimalChain functionality into its cards to provide users with additional opportunities to manage and use cryptocurrencies and tokens. Thus, the cooperation between Tangem and DecimalChain can create more convenient and secure conditions for the use of digital assets.