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That is, the build stands the working products obtained from the sources.

Blockchain is a decentralized database in which all records (blocks) are interconnected by means of cryptography.

Broadcast is a Decimal service that allows you to create a transaction offline and then send it to the blockchain network.

Validator is a Decimal user involved in establishing consensus.

Verification is a method of recognition for compliance with the truth

Delegate is a Decimal user who entrusts his coins to the validator and receives a proportional part of the reward for this.

Custom coin — any coin created by a user on the Decimal network

A coiner is a Decimal user who issues his own coin.

Custodial wallet is a method of storing funds in which the private keys of crypto addresses are owned by the service provider.

Consensus is the fact of approval of consent between participants in a non—trusting environment.

Mathematical essence is an abstract concept that arises in mathematics. This is all that is formally defined and with the help of which deductive reasoning and mathematical proofs can be carried out.

A coin is an electronic unit of value that is cryptographically protected and exists in the blockchain.

Minting is a method and process of generating/issuing new coins in exchange for organizing and maintaining the Decimal network, namely, establishing consensus by voting.

Mining is a method and process of generating/issuing new coins through solving computational problems.

Masternode is a node of the Decimal network that stores a replica of the blockchain and participates in establishing consensus.

Native token/coin is the basic and key coin of the blockchain.

A non—custodial wallet is a method of storing funds in which the private keys of crypto addresses are exclusively owned by the owner of these funds.

Optimization is the choice of the best option possible to achieve the greatest efficiency of a process.

Confirmation is the process of approving a transaction and writing it to the block chain.

Throughput is a metric characteristic showing the ratio of the maximum quantity

Transaction is an informational message about sending funds to the blockchain network.

Finalizing is the process of final approval of the transaction. On the Decimal network, a transaction is not subject to cancellation immediately upon writing a block with it to the chain.

PoS (Proof-of-Stake, literally — "proof of stake") is an algorithm for establishing consensus between network participants based on the participant's insurance deposit, which he risks.

pBFT is a consensus—building algorithm based on the voting process for a block of candidates.