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                   LEGION DOCS

LEGION DOCS is a unique token of the LEGION GROUP company created for conducting all business processes of the company on the DecimalChain blockchain

The token is a unique signature-seal confirming the validity of the issuance of a document from the company. All LEGIONDOCS tokens were transferred to the company's multisig wallet and are sent only from it with the help of a vote of the founders of the company, whose wallets are a signature for assigning and sending a diploma to school students.

The company uses this token

·- for issuing certificates

·- for customer registration

·- to issue receipts for the purchase of access to products

·- for interaction with students and employees of the company

·- to sign actions with clients and between the founders of the company (the founders create a transaction of 1 token for 1 document and write in the message about what the action was performed or what the document was issued about)

The history of LEGION DOCS creation

LEGION GROUP decided to start using blockchain to conduct its business processes and started by issuing diplomas on blockchain technology, making education honest.

To do this, the company has issued a SERTIFIKAT test token and sends it to the student's wallet, indicating in the comments the information contained in the printed certificate.

The certificates inscribed in the blockchain were liked by the company's customers and it was decided to create a unique token that only LEGION GROUP will have.

To date, in any interaction with customers, the company uses the LEGION DOCS token to sign each event, which acts as the seal of the organization.


To implement the idea of the token, before its creation, the LEGION GROUP team created a multisig wallet for 5 founders. This is the official wallet of the company to which the entire issue of LEGION DOCS tokens goes

Let's consider the work of the token on the example of issuing a diploma (certificate)

To issue a diploma (certificate), the development director from the company's multisig wallet creates a transaction to a wallet that belongs to a student in the company's database.

The attached message contains the following data:

1.Diploma (Certificate) number


3.Year of studying

4.End date

In order for a transaction to go online, it must be confirmed by one of the five founders of the company. In parallel, the same record is created in the company's database (table or other program), which is identical to the record in the blockchain and any operation can be viewed from the internal database.

After the transaction is confirmed by the second founder, the link to the transaction is “sewn” into the QR CODE, which is applied to the printed diploma (certificate) and this certificate is sent to its owner.

Certificate Example

A student who has successfully completed the course is awarded a Certificate

The receipt of the certificate is recorded on the blockchain, and the link is issued in a QR CODE on a paper certificate. LEGION DOCS Technical Parameters

A budget of 1,000 DEL was spent on the creation of the token



3.The initial issue was set at 1 million tokens

4.The initial reserve was set at 1,000 DEL

5.Maximum issue = initial issue. Since all coins must be owned only by the LEGION GROUP company and no one else could buy this token.

6.The Constant Redundancy Ratio (CRR) has been set to 100%. Thus, it becomes impossible to sell or buy the LEGIONDOCS token.

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