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Utility token

Generation method:
Net address:
Token address in the Decimal Explorer legiondocs, A token address on the Binance exchange 0xCF5b7D642020BB51572637eE290a855785369df6
Issue date:
December 17, 2020
Related tokens:
Initial issue:
1,000,000 LEGIONDOCS

Max issue:
1,000,000 LEGIONDOCS

1,000.00149145 DEL
Initial price:
0.001 DEL

959,886.25 LEGIONDOCS

Utility token created for managing all business processes of the LEGION GROUP company on the DecimalChain blockchain.

LEGIONDOCS is a utility token of the LEGION GROUP company, created to manage all business processes of the company on the DecimalChain blockchain.

The token represents a unique signature-seal that confirms the authenticity of a document issued by the company.

All LEGIONDOCS tokens have been transferred to the company's multisig wallet and are only sent from there through voting by the company's founders, whose wallets serve as the signature for assigning and sending diplomas to school students.

This token is used by the company for

  • issuing certificates
  • registering clients
  • issuing receipts for access to products
  • interacting with students and employees of the company
  • signing actions with clients and among company founders (founders create a transaction of 1 token for 1 document and specify the action or document in the message)

History of LEGIONDOCS Creation

The LEGION GROUP company decided to start implementing blockchain technology in its business processes, beginning with issuing diplomas on the blockchain to make education more transparent.

For this purpose, the company released a test token called SERTIFIKAT and sent it to the student's wallet, specifying in the comment the information contained in the printed certificate.

The certificates recorded on the blockchain were well-received by the company's clients, leading to the decision to create a unique token exclusively owned by LEGION GROUP.

Currently, the company uses the LEGIONDOCS token to sign every interaction with clients, serving as an organization's seal.

Certificate Example

A certificate is awarded to a student who successfully completes a course (illustration).

The issuance of the certificate is recorded on the Decimal blockchain. The link to the transaction record in the blockchain (in this case, Trasaction address in the Decimal Explorer 5496C87E64498D0EE5BB440B26C21C325B35A096EF7558E4056894D719644BC8) is encoded in the QR code on the paper certificate.

LEGIONDOCS Operation Mechanism

To implement the token's operational concept, the LEGION GROUP team created a multisig wallet with 5 founders before launching the project. This official company wallet received the entire issuance of LEGIONDOCS tokens.

Let's consider the token's operation using the example of issuing a diploma (certificate).

To issue a diploma (certificate), the director of development creates a transaction from the multisig wallet of the company to the student's wallet in the company's database.

The attached message includes the following information:

  1. Diploma (certificate) number
  2. Owner
  3. Course completed
  4. Completion date

To broadcast the transaction on the network, it needs to be confirmed by one of the company's five founders.

Parallelly, a similar record is created in the company's database (table or another program), which is an identical record in the blockchain, and any operation can be viewed through the internal database.

After the transaction is confirmed by the second founder, a link to the transaction is "embedded" in a QR code, which is printed on a diploma (certificate), and this certificate is sent to its owner.

Technical parameters of LEGIONDOCS

  • A budget of 1,000 DEL was allocated for token creation.
  • The initial issuance was set at 1 million tokens.
  • The initial reserve was set at 1,000 DEL.
  • The maximum emission is equal to the initial issuance. All coins must be held exclusively by the LEGION GROUP company, and no one else can purchase this token.
  • The constant reserve ratio (CRR) was set at 100%. Therefore, it becomes impossible to sell or purchase the LEGIONDOCS token.
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