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The ELAMBO_UA validator of the DecimalChain network was created as an addition to the loyalty program for business. The idea of creating a validator for use in your own business came in the summer of 2021, after getting acquainted with the DecimalChain blockchain.

Our business is engaged in the short-term rental of electric vehicles (electric scooters, segways, electric scooters, electric carts and children's electric cars. Due to the small turnover and ease of using the network, our validator has become the basis for getting acquainted with the blockchain, as well as for popularizing the DecimalChain network.

At the same time, the use of the validator as an addition to the loyalty program is possible in any field (shops, HORECA, services, small craft business, etc.). VALIDATOR`S DATA

The ELAMBO_UA validator was created on August 15, 2021. During the development of the idea and the first month of its development, we attracted about 100 people who installed Decimal Wallet wallets and received our coins as loyalty points. Today, the number of such clients is about 300 people.


The ELAMBO_UA validator team used the services of the DecimalPro team to launch, configure, and maintain the validator.

Our infrastructure consists of a main validator server, a backup server and 4 protection servers located in Germany, Finland and the USA

This infrastructure allows the validator to work stably and withstand the load


We use a universal methodology that will make it as easy as possible for business to implement it, and for the consumer to understand, become a regular user and increase their loyalty to the brand. It consists of the following stages:

  1. There is a regular customer in your business who wants to become a member of the loyalty program. He makes a purchase of a product or service from you.

  2. A business representative offers the client to install the Decimal Wallet application on his smartphone, where you need to register and create your own wallet (account) to accumulate points (coins).

  3. The client clicks the "get" button in the wallet, shows the QR code to the business representative, who scans it and transfers the points to the client.

  4. The client receives points to his account and can use them not only in this business, but also with the partners of the loyalty program. The number of points on the account can be checked at any time in the Decimal Wallet application or in the browser.

In our case, the system has been adapted to the business of renting out electric vehicles. That is, when clients received points, they knew that one point = 1 UAH. You can come up with your own course, or accrue a different number of points depending on the type of goods or services.

Usually, the person who serves the client is responsible for sending the points. But you can use another method, in case someone from the staff is busy.

For example, the person responsible for the loyalty program will send points at a certain time every day using the following method:

  1. In the telegram chat, employees write the order data, where they indicate the purchase amount.

  2. If the client has agreed to install and provide a wallet, then under the order data, we write the client's wallet with a monoshift.

  3. The staff responsible for the loyalty program sends out multisend balls at the end of the day.


  1. We transfer the entire issue of the created coin to a multi-signature wallet, that is, sending coins from such a wallet is possible only when several people have signed the transaction (the number of people will change with the time of connecting new businesses to the program).

  2. To business wallets, we send a certain number of coins from a multi-signature wallet, depending on the need.

  3. After that, the owner of the business is responsible for the coins on the wallet of the business and their turnover.


To earn points, the validator team has created its own coin, to which there are certain characteristics so that it cannot be sold or bought, but can only be transferred.

In our project, to earn points, we created a coin with the following characteristics:

  • Name: ELAMBOUA

  • CRR 100%

  • Reserve: 1000 DEL (minimum)

  • Initial issue: 10,000,000,000 ELAMBOUA

  • Maximum issue: 10 000 000 000 ELAMBOUA


When the client has accumulated the required number of points and decides to use them, he can do it as follows:

  1. Open the Decimal Wallet wallet on your smartphone and click the "send" button.

  2. Specify as the recipient - the wallet of the business in which he wants to spend points.


Delegation is the process of transferring your coins to the validator and freezing them on the network, which makes it possible to profit from validation. Any user can delegate their coins. The profit from delegation will be accrued in proportion to the number of delegated coins (your steak).

"'For example, by delegating to the validator ELAMBO_UA you will get:"'

Rewards (delegation fees) are awarded every 10 minutes. Coins can be withdrawn at any time, and after 30 days you will receive all your delegated coins back.

In addition, you will have a profit in the form of rewards, which were accrued during the entire time of delegation.

Network users can use the ELAMBO_UA validator as a masternode to delegate their own coins and receive rewards.

The delegation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Log in to the blockchain console on the website

  2. Select the "Delegation" section

  3. Specify the validator address (dxvaloper1xzq595hf5mcrrv0es9c72tg0zyj6dx6xnzgdzm), the name of the coin you will delegate and the number of coins.


The validator ELAMBO_UA has its own strategic development plan until 2025.

"The 'global goal of the validator' is to create a partner network of small and medium–sized entrepreneurs with a universal loyalty program that will enable customers to use their points in any cafe, store or service.

The mission of the validator is full automation and launch of a universal loyalty program on the DecimalChain blockchain.

Our values : efficiency, versatility, innovation, support, trust.

The validator ELAMBO_UA plans to develop and launch its own marketing campaign, the purpose of which is:

  • attract 5,000 unique users to the DecimalChain blockchain as users of the loyalty program for 36 months;

  • to popularize the DecimalChain blockchain and attract as many businesses as possible as partners of our loyalty program within 36 months;

  • earn more than $2,000 as bonuses in the loyalty program.

Our target audience is:

  • clients of small and medium-sized businesses .

People who often buy goods and services in the same place like to receive bonuses and discounts, economical

  • owners of small and medium-sized businesses .

People who want to develop their business, but do not have an unlimited amount of funds for this. They value their customers, make efforts to provide high-quality service. Innovators, like to improve processes, always try something new.

  • legal entities .

They have a network of establishments that sell goods or services. They want to launch a new loyalty program, as they see advantages in collaboration with other businesses. They get more recognition and free marketing.

The funds that ELAMBO_UA earns as validation rewards will be used as resources for conducting a marketing campaign. The marketing team has a reinvestment of 50% of the validator's net income.

Stages of the marketing campaign:

  • Creating awareness about the service, attracting the first users.

For the first 24 months since the launch of the marketing campaign, the eLambo validator team will develop and improve the service by its own example, talk about it and attract the first users. The goal of the stage is 1000 users of the service.

  • Scaling.

The validator team will attract partners and scale over the next 24 months. The goal of the stage is 5,000 users of the service, 5 partner businesses that have launched the service at home. Geography of the marketing campaign: CIS countries.

PR management

- ensure brand awareness among the target audience; - attract the planned number of loyalty program partners.

Implementation method:

dissemination of information about the validator and the loyalty program through specialized and business media, opinion leaders, targeted advertising, word of mouth advertising. active maintenance of social networks, generation of infopods at least 2 per month, distribution of infopods.


  • attracting unique users to the DecimalChain blockchain as users of the loyalty program.

Implementation method' :

  1. creating a merch with the ELAMBO_UA+DecimalChain logo for the most active customers;

  2. creating stickers with QR codes for installing DecimalChain wallets and placing them on our electric transport;

  3. creating stickers with the DecimalChain logo and placing them on our electric vehicle.

Taking into account the strategic goals, vision and mission, we formed a SWOT analysis of the activity of the validator ELAMBO_UA, where the strengths and weaknesses of the processes, opportunities and threats of development were analyzed.

Strengths are the internal capabilities and activity resource of the validator ELAMBO_UA, which can form their competitive advantages. Weaknesses are the activities of the validator ELAMBO_UA, resources that are used inefficiently. Opportunities are opportunities that can be used to achieve the goals of the development of the validator ELAMBO_UA. Threats are processes or phenomena that hinder the achievement of the goals set for the development of the validator ELAMBO_UA.

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"Bogdan Poremchuk" is an employee responsible for the rental of electric vehicles.

"Alexander Zhumyk" is an employee responsible for the rental of electric vehicles.

"Vitaliy Melnichuk" is a senior employee responsible for explaining the loyalty program to customers and helping them install wallets.

"Alexandra Ostapenko" is a content manager, writes posts, works with marketing and merch products.

"Andrey Kovalchuk" is a manager, distributes loyalty points, recruits and trains staff, negotiates partnerships, controls processes.

Validators-img 9295.png 
Validators-img 9296.png