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About validator

The Investerium validator was launched to support and decentralize the Decimal blockchain.

We have developed a convenient free service for monitoring statistics of all participants of the validator and other validators of the Decimal blockchain -

With this platform, you can view the following statistics:

  1. The price of the token is determined based on the data of the rating agency

  2. Profitability in % for the past day (calculated based on the remuneration received by delegators for a full day). Based on these statistics, you can predict an approximate monthly income.

  3. Information on the delegated tokens of all participants, on the profitability of each participant for the entire time of staking, the total profitability of the validator for all time and other statistics.

  4. For other network validators, there is a statistics section with block passes.

The features of the service will be constantly expanding, if you have ideas and suggestions for improving the service, contact us on Telegram. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

All statistics are collected based on the API provided by the blockchain developers.

The purpose of the service is convenience and ease of use for the user and additional statistics for blockchain validators.

Technical component

To ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of the validator, we have tested several data centers (TimeWeb, Contabo, , MacCloud, Hetzner) and chose the proven Hetzner data center in Nuremberg. There we placed the validator software.

Blockchain developers offer special DecimalGuard software to protect validators from receiving a fine. We use several protection servers that are located on TimeWeb.

Development plans

We are constantly working to improve the infrastructure of our validator and create new ecosystem services that help popularize the Decimal blockchain.

Financial component

The reward that the validator receives from the delegates' stake goes to:

  • Maintenance of validator and protection servers

  • Development of a service for the convenience of monitoring statistics of delegators and other blockchain validators

  • For advertising the blockchain

About us

Our team has great experience in web development of various complexity, you can view our team's website, which presents only a small part of our projects, most of the projects are executed under the NDA agreement and we have no right to disclose information about these projects.

We came to cryptocurrency in 2019 and decided to stay here forever. Now we are actively mastering blockchain development, combining our development with the popularization of cryptocurrencies among businesses and ordinary users.

We are engaged in supporting other blockchains, raising validators in test networks, participating in closed and open tests of new blockchains and services.

We are confident that the blockchain technology has a great and bright future ahead, for our part, we are making every effort to develop this area around the world.

DecimalChain interested us with its ease of use and openness of the development team (which is a rarity among blockchains). We were also attracted by the active Russian-speaking community.

In connection with the events that are taking place today (03.03.2022) in the world, we are confident that DecimalChain will become a powerful foundation for Russian developers in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Validators-logo-1 2.png