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§Profit distribution


·Strategy #1

§How it works

·Mathematics of network development

·Strategy #2

·Strategy #3

·Strategy #4

·Validator Referral Program

§Share with your friend

·Bounty program

·Case example

·Cashback for bonding

·Secondary benefits of the validator's work for the company

·Userstory No. 1

·Userstory No. 2

·Userstory No. 3


·Legion Team

·Validator Infrastructure

·Generating coins in the validator

·Validator Maintenance

·Official Validator Resources




This document describes the concept of the Legion Group company we were guided by when launching the validator, and the strategies that we have already implemented in our personal experience.

We have created this document so that anyone who wants to build a business with the DecimalChain blockchain could understand why our validator can become a value for the him or his company.

In our opinion, this is also a contribution to the strategic development of the network: the more ready-made and applicable cases, the more new validators can join the development of the network, making it stable, since they came to install a validator to improve business efficiency.

Therefore, we wrote a little more than we wanted to, creating, in fact, a White Paper of our own validator. Since our company is developing dynamically, the White Paper will be supplemented in case we get new development strategies. We hope that this document will be really useful and will have a positive effect on the development of the network and inspire the reader to become a part of it.


This is the motto we chose for our “white paper” (“white paper”), since we are not here to mine coins and receive fiat profit, although this goal is really obvious both for us and for anyone reading this text now.

We came to support the network in order to reach a new level of doing business due to the growing issue of new coins. And in order for this to happen, we need to contribute to attracting delegates.

Thus, we came here to develop the network, as this is the key action that we need to focus on in order to solve the problems of our business.

In addition, it is very important that our positioning in the Decimal community is so clear that any user reading this document can see the full picture and understand who we are and how our validator fits his tasks.

We expect that this document will be read by several categories of people:

1.Developers and the Decimal team who understand who is serving their development and for what.

2.Potential delegates who want to understand whether they will bond their funds to us.

3.Potential validators who want to decide why they should become validators, or want to find out how other validators build a business.

4.Anyone who wants to understand what kind of “beast” it is is a LEGION validator.

The Legion Validator is a strategic development tool of the Legion Group company, created to ensure business through the issue of DEL. The main goal of creating a validator is to generate profits that will allow businesses to become self-sufficient by maintaining the DecimalChain network. . Profit distribution

·Fulfillment of obligations under the loyalty program.

·Payment of partner rewards.

·Advertising campaign to attract new users.

·The costs of creating and maintaining online schools and a validator.

·Hadling payroll.

·Development of the Legion Group brand infrastructure.

·Payment for traders' tournaments.

·Payment of dividends to the founders.

·An award for obtaining a title (qualification).

·Fees for issuing certificates for blockchain technology.

·Payment for multisend and multisig transactions of the company when registering clients.

·Conducting sweepstakes and other promotions to promote the company.

To achieve the main goal, the Legion Group company sets itself one main task — to develop the Decimal network, attracting new delegates, thereby earning fees from their delegation.

Thus, the Legion Group company is directly interested in the growth of the voice power in order to fully cover its expenses, making the business self-supporting.


To fulfill the main task, we must attract new users, since we earn only from the commission that is withheld from their delegated balances.

To put it in simpler terms, we receive income from the income of people who trust (delegate) we need our own coins to generate new coins, while storing them not on our wallet, but freezing them on our own. The more coins people delegate, the more we earn together, since we have no income without people, and people have no income without us.

Thus, as a validator, we are obliged to provide a highly profitable, reliable, interesting and understandable service, ensuring the maximum security of user balances, while increasing people's involvement in the process of cooperation with us.

Based on these ideas, Legion Group will develop the network by combining four strategies.

·Attracting new users through LegionGame tokens.

·Attracting new users through the offer to bond DEL to the validator on favorable terms.

·Attracting new users through the gift of one or more steps of the course for delegation to the validator.

Creation of referral and bounty programs on the blockchain for financial motivation in attracting users.

Strategy #1

Attracting users through LegionGame tokens.

LegionGame tokens are a marketing tool that the company uses for a 4-day free marathon. During this time, students can earn tokens for activities and exchange them for discounts or get a course for free.

The fifth day of the marathon is dedicated to introducing students to the work of the Decimal blockchain, its capabilities and advantages, as well as the basics of using the BitTeam exchanger.

As a result of this lesson, students know:

1.How to open a wallet and handle a passphrase.

2.How to make a transaction from a wallet to a wallet.

3.How to create a token and why it is needed.

4.How to bond or de-bond any token.

5.What is a validator, how it works and what each parameter means.

6.How to buy or sell any network token on the BitTeam platform.

At the end of the lesson, students drop their wallets into the chat to receive the earned tokens which they will receive in a multisend transaction. . How it works

Potential buyers come to the marathon through various advertising channels and earn LegionGame tokens for attendance, any response during the lesson, feedback after each lesson, additional tasks from teachers.

The responsible employee keeps records of the number of tokens earned by the students and records the result in an Excel table.

The generated table is available to students, and everyone sees what place he occupies among all students. The Legion Group team motivates everyone to earn even more tokens by arranging a competition of activities.

On the fourth day of the marathon, the first places receive the course as a gift as the most involved students, while their points remain with them.

After the draw, the team offers to exchange the tokens received (the points are still in the table) for a discount1( token = 1% of discount, but not more than 50% for the first step).

In the fifth lesson, absolutely everyone receives their tokens to wallets, and in order to activate the discount or pick up their gift, they need to delegate tokens to the validator and pay for the first step.

Thanks to such a system, the company gets results that increase business efficiency:

·Increases student-to-client conversion by improving engagement and creating an opportunity to earn tokens on a free course (by giving, we get),

·Creates potential loyal buyers, as it gives (not takes) when meeting first.

·Teaches the people involved in the courses the basic skills of using the Decimal blockchain by their potential delegates.

·Creates the first user balances at the expense of its tokens and immediately receives them back in the form of delegated stakes (the user is already participating in the issue).

Mathematics of network development

When we first applied LegionGame tokens at the free marathon, we didn't have a validator yet. However, more than 30 people out of 50 who were on the stream created Decimal wallets.

Thus, we expect that we will receive at least 50 to 300 delegates in each marathon who can potentially purchase a DEL token for delegation.

If each of them buys 100 DEL, then we will get from five to 30 thousand coins in delegation from one stream. If each of them buys 1,000 DEL, then we will receive from 50 to 300 thousand coins in delegation from one stream. If we work only according to this strategy, then with full occupancy of seats in the validator (1,000 seats) we will get from 100 thousand to 1 million DEL.

We need such a strategy as a validator to reach the maximum number of people with two main goals: ·Introduce people who do not want to study with us to the DecimalChain ecosystem in order to arouse their interest in using it, since they will be able to delegate our tokens and understand how coin mining works. In the future, they can buy a certain number of coins for themselves in order to receive new DEL tokens by participating in the issue with us, or become coiners of the network. ·Invest your own tokens in your validator in exchange for a discount, reducing the lost profit through an increase in the number of potential DEL buyers.

Strategy #2

Attracting users through the offer to bond DEL to the validator

The Legion Group team trusts Decimal developers, sees the potential for a long life of the project due to the idea of integrating it into a real business, so it has its own DEL tokens that work in the Legion validator. Thanks to this, we can recommend this blockchain in terms of the possibility of stacking and obtaining fiat profit on the most favorable terms.

Our validator has set a fee of 8%, which is the average of validators in the Decimal network, so it is quite profitable to earn with us, since we can give a high percentage of coin generation.

In addition, if an investor attracted to the validator bonds more than 1,000 DEL coins to us, we give him our tokens, which he can spend to pay for the first stage of our course. Or even get it for free when performing various tasks on delegating coins to our validator.

This strategy allows us to attract the investor's attention to our company's educational products that teach people blockchain technology and remote earnings from anywhere in the world using a computer or smartphone. Students who earn remotely are also present at financial literacy classes, where we offer them to invest 10 percent of their profits in our validator every day.

Thanks to this, an investor who has won the course or exchanged our token received for delegation gets to classes where he comes to the conclusion that it will really be very useful for him to invest in the blockchain every day to make a profit. .

Strategy #3

Attracting users by donating one or more steps of the course for delegation

For our community in the telegram channel, we are creating various contests in which you can win our tokens, but we decided that we would not stop there and go further.

During our work, we have seen that there are people who think about whether they will get a result from our courses and in general how much they need it.

The validator of our company shows this category how to use our on;ine products not buying them from us, but simply delegating coins in exchange for the first or other steps of the course.

Thus, a person begins to receive passive income from the cost of the course, can always withdraw his coins to sell them, and passes the first stage to get acquainted with us.

In fact, a person receives an introductory course for free (for us), but at the same time he increases the stake of our validator, and we receive a commission from this. In this strategy, there is always a risk of a person withdrawing coins after or during the course, but this motivates us to create a product that we want to go further, and for this we always need to monitor the quality of training and customer service.

This strategy is good for four reasons

1.User pays nothing and even receives income.

2.User gets acquainted with our educational products.

3.Our validator trains them if there is a bonded balance.

4.During the course, a person receives awards from the validator and determines whether he will work with us.

5.Thanks to this strategy, we can get a client for all the products of our company and earn even more with him according to the WIN-WIN strategy, or, in other words, when both sides win.

Strategy #4

Creation of referral and bounty programs for material and non-material motivations of cooperation with the validator Our team is confident that building a network of partners is one of the strongest business development tools that humanity has ever invented.

Each of our products has a highly profitable affiliate program, which allows satisfied users of our products to recommend us to their potential or current partners.

The Legion validator is one of the company's products, so the validator also has an affiliate program, but it is built directly on the blockchain. Because of this, partner payments are made exclusively in the company's tokens. However, at the initial stages of the validator's development, we will focus not on the partner program, but on the bounty program (token distribution) in order to create satisfied validator users who themselves will want to share our tool with other people, since they will be able to earn tokens for delegation or other needs.

And only after interacting with us, these people can decide whether to use the affiliate program or not.

We do not build marketing on the principle of a network business, where rewards come from several levels, but only give the opportunity to get an instant bonus for the work done (told - a friend delegated - received a percentage in our tokens).

Therefore, there will be no focus on the “affiliate program”, since people will be able to talk about us even without our focus, if they like it. This is exactly the approach we adhere to, and even if we are mistaken about whether to focus on the network, we will not change our policy, since we have not been and will not be a network project.

Validator Referral Program

The system of remuneration for the work done directly in the blockchain

We decided that we will pay each person who motivates another user to delegate coins to our validator. This is nothing more than the work done, and any work should be paid.

But then the question arises: how to establish a connection, who came from whom, not from the words of a person, but according to an accurate and reliable system for recognizing the partner connection between wallets? We have found a solution: to establish a connection, you need to activate the wallet by sending one coin to your referral, establishing a connection between the wallets.

We have prepared the instructions for the affiliate program to give you a ready-made solution:

Share with your friend

·Create a wallet for him and teach him how to use the console.

·Send him one coin by establishing a connection with him in the blockchain through a transaction.

·Help him buy coins at the BitTeam exchange and send them to his wallet.

·Teach us how to delegate to our validator from your wallet.

·Send the validator owners a link to a friend's transaction and write the amount in the transaction.

·Get our LegionGame tokens in the amount of 10% of the invitation in tokens.

Thus, our referral program already includes the work of training a beginner by a more experienced DecimalChain user. The rate of the LegionGame token is one to 10, where one DEL token is equal to 10 LegionGame tokens. Thus, the referral payout in DEL tokens is equal to 1% of the amount deposited by the referral.

Bounty program

The bounty program is an opportunity to perform actions for which the company pays with its own tokens, which the user can use at his discretion.

Bounty can work in several ways

·A reward for subscribing and commenting on the channels and social networks of the validator or the Legion Group company itself.

·Raffles of discounts on courses.

·Distribution of free access to the first stage of paid courses - provided that a certain number of DELS are delegated to the validator.

The bounty program is aimed at attracting attention to our products and increasing the loyalty of unfamiliar people who can buy full-fledged products after meeting with us.

We have already described the third option in general terms earlier, when we introduced strategy No. 3, which is, in fact, a bounty, since the company earns exclusively from the commission, without receiving payment for the course.

Case example

1.The entire course of four modules costs 130,000 rubles.

2.First stage (module) the course costs 6,000 rubles.

3.Second stage (module) the course costs 20,000 rubles.

4.Third stage (module) the course costs 40,000 rubles.

5.The fourth stage (module) the course costs 130,000 rubles.

Thus, a person collects a course as a constructor, and in order to move to the next step, he needs to reimburse the difference between the current payment and the next step.

We suggest bonding 300 DEL coins to the validator. At the cost of one DEL coin of 17 rubles, the delegate will need to spend 5,100 rubles, instead of paying 6,000 rubles to the organization's cash desk.

At the same time, the coins lie on his electronic wallet, belong to him and generate new coins while he is studying. Such a bounty program introduces a person to the first part of the course and the quality of services that he may like, and he will buy the rest of the steps, as he will see the course from the inside. In addition, with a small amount, he can check the profitability of the validator and, if he likes it, further increase the balance. This way of getting to know us can create loyalty not only to the validator and courses, but also to other offers of the company, since a person may not like this or that product, but interaction with the company as a whole. We believe that this method will ensure earnings in the future, but already on loyal, and not on “cold” customers.

Cashback for bonding

Cashback services are very common on the market and make it possible to return some of the money from the purchase back. We do not consider this a way of earning money, but we think that the introduction of such a service will increase loyalty to our company. We decided that if a person delegates coins to us or constantly increases the delegated balance, then when a certain number of coins is reached, he receives a one-time payment for trusting us.

1.Bonding from 1,000 to 4,999 DEL to us, the delegate receives 600 LegionGame tokens.

2.Bonding from 5,000 to 9,999 DEL to us, the delegate receives 1,000 LegionGame tokens.

3.Bonding from 10,000 to 19,999 DEL to us, the delegate receives 1,500 LegionGame tokens.

4.Bonding from 20,000 to 50,000 DEL to us, the delegate receives 2,000 LegionGame tokens.

5.Bonding from 50,000 to 100,000 DEL to us, the delegate receives 3,000 LegionGame tokens.

6.Bonding from 100,000 to 500,000 DEL to us, the delegate receives 7,000 LegionGame tokens.

7.Bonding from 500,000 to 1,000,000 DEL to us, the delegate receives 10,000 LegionGame tokens.

In total, you can earn 25,100 tokens for the cashback program, which equals 2,510 DEL, and this gives you the right to receive a full-fledged trading course for free, delegating 1,000,000 DEL. As soon as the bonded balance reaches a new mark, the Person receives a bonus for achieving a higher balance.

For example: A person delegated 6000 DEL and received 1000 LEGION GAME Tokens, Then he liked our validator and decided to add another 4000 DEL. His balance has reached 10,000 DEL and for this he receives 1,500 LEGIONGAME Tokens

This program is not a motivation to buy a course: to get a full course, you need to invest 17 million rubles (with a course cost from 166,000 to 300,000 rubles).

However, in the process of increasing the balance in our validator, receiving dividends up to 10% per month, the delegate has the opportunity to learn trading or give a course to anyone.

Secondary benefits of the validator's work for the company

By secondary benefits, we mean positive side effects from the development of the validator, except for the purpose of generating income from the fee.

The validator, in fact, is already an investment offer from the Legion Group company, and its work expands the categories of the company's target audience. In addition, through the validator, people will get acquainted with other products of the company, and other products of the company introduce their users to the validator, which creates a system in which one product sells another. Next, let's talk about how deploying a validator opens up the opportunity for us to make an ecosystem that sells each other.

Userstory No. 1

Vasily is looking for how to make money on the Internet, and sees an advertisement about a free marathon for trading cryptocurrencies. He comes to the marathon, passes it, earns tokens there. In the fourth lesson, he decides that he likes everything and wants to buy a course with a discount in the form of tokens.

To get a discount, he needs to come to the fifth lesson, where he will be introduced to DecimalChain and taught how to use the BitTeam exchanger.

After the fifth lesson, Vasily will confidently be able to delegate tokens to the validator and get into the validator's channel and chat. Thus, he becomes not only a student, but also a part of the community, and already in the process of completing a course or trading, he will be able to increase his balances if he likes the idea of DecimalChain. Such a case took place, but then we did not have a validator, so the person delegated 100 DEL coins not to us. After the news about the validator's opening, he bought more coins and has already delegated them to us.

Userstory No. 2

Vasily is looking for how to make money on the Internet, and sees an advertisement about a free marathon for trading cryptocurrencies. He comes to the marathon, passes it, earns tokens there, and in the fourth lesson decides that trading is not for him/he does not have enough money for it/something else.

But Vasily has earned tokens and wants to take them to his wallet. To do this, he comes to the fifth lesson, where they tell him about the Decimal ecosystem, sell the idea itself and teach him how to use the BitTeam exchanger. Next, Vasya may get hooked on the idea of trying passive income from mining, and he buys a DEL and sends it to us in the validator at 9-10% per month.

These two examples show the path that a client goes through, just looking for where to make money on the Internet. Or he could have been looking specifically for trading, and in the end he learned about passive income on the latest generation blockchain. Maybe Vasya will even have a desire to create his own token for one reason or another. Such a case works like a sieve through which it filters out target and non-target customers. If Vasya liked trading, then the validator becomes for him a place where he invests future profits. If Vasya did not like trading, then the validator becomes for him a place where he invests his money, and we help him with investing in the future and give him the opportunity to earn on mining coins instead of trading.

Userstory No. 3 A person who finds out about Legion gets into the validator's channel and chat, where token draws or other bounty programs, such as darts or dice tournaments, take place on a regular basis. People win tokens and can access courses at a discount or for delegation. Thus, they came to the validator, and they can try our courses, and in this case the validator is a lead generator that creates already loyal users of products.


The Legion Group team develops educational products that allow people to earn money from anywhere in the world, regardless of age and education.

However, according to the company's roadmap, Legion Group will turn into the Legion ecosystem, which will include the education department (Legion Group) and the service department (Legion Service). The Legion validator is just part of the Legion Service, so the validator is administered by the Legion Group team.

Legion Team

First and last name: Konstantin Medvedev Position: Director of Development, Founder Contact in telegram: @medvedev_legiongroup Instagram: @medvedev_legiongroup

First and last name: Vladimir Alexandrov Position: CFO, Founder Contact in telegram: @Vladimir_best Instagram: @valexsandrov

First and last name: Ilsur Galimov Position: Marketing Director, Founder Contact in telegram: @crocodile7777 Instagram: @ilsur.galimoff

First and last name: Maxim Simankov Position: Chief Operating Officer, Founder Telegram contact: @btc174pro

First and last name: Vladimir Skornyakov Position: Technical Director, Founder Contact in telegram: @skornyak_btc

Validator Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the hardware on which the software is installed to maintain the Decimal network. Being a validator is a very responsible thing, since it is about the trust of delegates and the preservation of their balances. That is why, to ensure the reliability of the Legion validator, we use powerful dedicated servers in data centers in Finland and Germany and several penalty protection servers.

The presence of protection servers reduces the risk of receiving fines by our validator as much as possible. As soon as our server shuts down, the protection server turns on, and our validator continues to support the network.

Our servers are maintained and updated by technical specialists, which makes our work as stable and comfortable as possible for earnings, and also reduces the risk of receiving a fine of 1% of the balance.

It will not be possible to eliminate the fine until the end, but we are doing everything to make delegation to us as safe as possible. . Generating coins in the validator

Our validator charges a fee of 8% for the work done. This means that our validator holds 8% of the issue. which the delegate receives. The validator team earns only on fees from coin mining.

The profitability in our validator depends on two parameters:

1.The share of our validator from the total number of delegated coins.

2.Your share of the bonded coins in our validator.

In any case, you can focus on 0.33% per day of the delegated balance. The more you delegate, the more you start to receive, because thanks to the increase in the delegation balance, our balance and your share in our validator grow.

Validator Maintenance

The service is handled by the DecimalPro team, which at the time of writing the “white paper” had never received fines and already had experience as a validator in the MINTER network.

Since working with the validator is new to us, we have completely entrusted the service to professionals who help us get a positive experience. . Official Validator Resources

Official Channel: legionDEL

Validator Chat: Legiondelchat

Validator website: currently under development and will be part of the Legion Group website

Our results

We have created the first version of our white paper, which is designed to help the reader form an idea of who we are and what tasks we solve with the help of a validator.

This document will be supplemented by our experience so that everyone who reads can repeat our case and improve the efficiency of their business or build their business with us.

The validator gives us the opportunity to connect our company's products and develop it both from the point of view of the audience and from the point of view of earning on commission. Our team accepts suggestions for editing and supplementing the first version of the “white paper” so that every line is clear.

If you want to make a suggestion, create a partnership with us or just ask a question, you can contact us through the official resources or any member of the team.