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How do I choose a validator?

How to choose a validator

"More information in the article: Delegates of DecimalChain"

"'How to choose validator"' is an important and timely question for any user in DecimalChain. In order to make the maximum profit from delegation, it is necessary to take into account the validator's fee, the reliability of the node, bonuses and promotions during delegation, the minimum stake for entry and other indicators.

To become a delegator of the network, three things are necessary — get DEL coins DEL or other coins of the Decimal network, choose a validator and delegate your coins to him.

Importance of choosing a validator

The basic remuneration for all validators is the same and depends only on the general parameters of the network. However, each validator offers its own conditions for delegators. Therefore, after carefully studying them, you can get additional benefits, such as a loyal validator fee, absence of fines from validators, permanent or one-time cashback, participation in promotions, and so on.

Poor-quality operation of the validator can lead to penalties for missed blocks (1% of the total stake) or double signature (5% of the total stake). This, in turn, will lead to losses of funds and burning of part of the delegated coins or the forced withdrawal of funds from delegation.

Therefore, there is a strategy of choosing several high-quality validators with favorable delegation conditions and distributing their stake among them.

List of validators

To find a list of all validators, go to the official website and select "Browser" in the blockchain "Tools"

On the browser page, in the top menu, select "'"Blockchain""' , and then "'"Validators""'

Validator address

To delegate coins to the selected validator, you must specify his address in a special delegation form on your console.

Click on the copy icon under the Name of the validator to whom you want to delegate your stake and enter the address in the appropriate field of the form delegation .

Validator selection criteria

When choosing a validator, the following criteria should be taken into account:


The reliability indicator is the number of penalties for omissions previously imposed by the system on the validator.


The validator's fee is income from maintaining the network. The fee is set at the time of the candidate's application for validators and cannot be changed further. The validator will charge the specified fee from the delegates' rewards.


These are the funds of the validator combined with the delegate and his motivation to work stably and not fall under penalties. And also these are the funds of the delegators who have chosen this validator. Consequently, the larger the stake node, the greater the losses, including reputational ones, it will incur after receiving a fine, so validators with the largest stakes strive to protect themselves from errors as much as possible.

Minimum stake

This indicator appears when the whole thousand slots (places) of the validator is filled in. If the size of your stake is less than the minimum stake of the validator or close to it, you need to choose another node for delegation.

The minimum stake is not set by anyone."' Each validator has a thousand slots available for stakes, the smallest of them is the minimum. When a person appears who wants to delegate a large amount with all the validator's steaks occupied, the new stake automatically displaces the minimum one, and the funds of the departing delegate immediately return to him to the active wallet address.