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How to create a wallet

The wallet displays the address and balance in DEL. All the Decimal coins you have and the balances are shown here.

You can send coins through the wallet, as well as view all transactions you have made on the network: the transaction block, time, sender, type and number of coins.

The wallet is located at

The following wallet applications are currently available:

·for desktop browsers ;

·for desktop browsers via the console ;

·for Android devices ;

·for iOS devices .

Creating a wallet

To create a wallet, follow the link: .

Click the “Generate Address” button.

Save the seed phrase in a safe place and only then click the “I saved” button.

The Seed phrase is your password to log in to the wallet (console) on any device.


Your seed phrase is known only to you and no one else — it is the only way to get access to your funds. Therefore, save and write down the phrase, and also never pass it on to third parties. Do not enter or use your phrase anywhere other than the official Decimal Chain resources.

That's it! You have created your wallet.

Now, to enter the wallet, enter your seed phrase in the appropriate field and click the “Activate” button.

Using the phrase, you will also be able to log into the personal console — a working tool of the Decimal network.

In the console, you can store and send coins, exchange them for other coins of the network, delegate your tokens, create checks for sending, as well as create your own coin or run a masternode.

Video instructions for creating a wallet - via the link Author: Renata Dimova