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·Technical component of the validator


§Servers used for nodes

§Protecting Delegate`s Coins from fines

§Error and malfunction monitoring programs

§The team serving the validator

·Validator Projects


§Bonding coins to our validator

§Loyalty program for delegates

§Loyalty ecosystem on the DecimalChain blockchain

§Practical jokes, quizzes, marathons, rewards


·Validator Team



§Bonding coins to the PRIDE Validator

·Remuneration of delegates in the partner program


§Delegate Rewards in the Loyalty Ecosystem

§Earning a PRIDE validator



The article is a list of ideas and projects of the PRIDE validator based on the capabilities of the DecimalChain network. The document is not a roadmap and is compiled solely for informational purposes. Up-to-date information on the implementation of the projects listed above is available on the official telegram channel of the validator:

Technical component of the validator

Servers used for nodes

The main issue before launching the validator for us was the choice of server equipment, its capacity, geographical location and the company providing services for renting out this equipment. We believe that this is a matter of paramount importance, since the stability of the validator and, accordingly, the network itself, as well as the safety of our delegates' coins, depend on the stable operation of the servers. A lot of tests were conducted with different hardware configurations and different use cases. As a result, we came to the ideal, in our opinion, configuration of the equipment:

·The servers are leased exclusively from foreign service providers. ·Three node servers are used (one main and two backup). In case of unforeseen circumstances and failure of the main server, the validator is launched on one of the backup servers as soon as possible. The third server is necessary to insure the first, backup, in order to almost completely eliminate the option of the absence of functioning servers for our validator. ·The servers are located in different data centers, which excludes the option of their simultaneous shutdown in case of an accident.

·The capacities leased by us are ten times higher than the network requirements for stable operation of the masternode; they are also not used for any purpose other than supporting the DecimalChain network. This means that our equipment is stable and will not need to be upgraded for a very long time.

Protecting Delegate`s Coins from fines To protect the validator from fines, the developers have created special software that allows you to disconnect the validator from the network in a timely manner and avoid sanctions in the amount of 1% of the entire coin stake (read White Paper DecimalChain). Of course, we decided to took advantage of this opportunity and installed this software on all three servers. It is impossible to completely eliminate the risks of receiving a fine, but we consider it necessary to do everything to minimize these risks.

Errors and malfunction monitoring programs

For timely detection of server equipment malfunctions and improper operation of the validator, we use various monitoring programs. They help us to respond promptly to any emergency situation with the equipment. We consider this a necessary measure, because the prolonged absence of a validator in the network entails losses of delegate rewards and partially weakens the work of the network itself.

The team serving the validator We also paid special attention to the selection of personnel serving our validator. Now it is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. Our IT department works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, timely performing the tasks of validator maintenance and updating the blockchain replica software.

Validator Projects

Bonding coins to our validator

The validator plans to attract a wide range of audiences to the network. A separate funnel site will be created for each one, as well as the corresponding advertising will be launched. For each new client, training and instructions, chats and channels are provided to warm up interest in DecimalChain. Constantly running advertising and a well-established system for processing incoming traffic will give the DecimalChain project the appropriate publicity and the opportunity to increase the stake of our validator.

Loyalty program for delegates

To implement all projects based on the PRIDE validator, the necessary solution was to create a single-level partner program. At the moment, we see two ways to implement the partner program - through the blockchain (securing wallets to each other with a description of the transaction) or by creating a separate service (a website with a database). At the initial stage, the first version of the program will be implemented, then, with sufficient funding, the second. The partner program does not provide for a reduction in the basic remuneration of the delegate when delegating coins to the PRIDE validator. To participate in the affiliate program, you must have at least 200 coins delegated to the PRIDE validator.

Loyalty ecosystem on the DecimalChain blockchain

One of the main directions of our validator is a project to create a loyalty system for real businesses, implemented through the DecimalChain blockchain. We called it Crypto Club (working title). The main points of creating a Crypto Club:

·Crypto Club website. Creating a website with store cards, where any DecimalChain user can view all the necessary information about the business integrated into the network (the location of the store and its description, the parameters of the business coin, the conditions for receiving cashback, gifts and discounts in business coins, other information).

·Support service. Assistance for the business owner (training, coin creation, staff training). Customer Support service (dedicated Telegram line, WhatsApp to help customers who came from a connected business, training bots and instructions on using DecimalChain for new customers).

·Advertisement. Launch of advertising aimed at business owners in various Internet channels. Preparation of materials (video and presentation) and creation of an initiative group to connect businesses “on the ground”. Creating the first cases.

·Earnings of PRIDE delegates Creating opportunities for PRIDE delegates to connect businesses to the Crypto Club and receive bonuses under the referral program according to the scheme: any user who comes from a business connected by a PRIDE delegate becomes his referral.

To be able to connect businesses, the PRIDE delegate will need to undergo special training, an examination test (free of charge) and receive a certificate “Connecting stores”.

Practical jokes, quizzes, marathons, rewards Incentive rewards for social media activity are provided for our delegates. Here are some of them: ·Prizes for giveaways. ·Prizes for skill marathons. ·Prizes for quizzes. ·Prizes for activity and help for beginners.


We would be glad to consider any proposals for cooperation both within the DecimalChain network and from third-party projects using other blockchain technologies or not using cryptocurrency at all. We believe that fruitful joint work of competing projects and fair competition lead to the overall development of the industry and any business as a whole, as well as to the emergence of strong and interesting products for the end user.

Validator Team

Our team has been organized by enthusiasts with extensive experience in various areas of Internet marketing and traditional business. We are determined to develop the DecimalChain project and the blockchain industry as a whole. The main part of our team:

Anton Antipov @Antonantipoff (Telegram)

Business integration, promotion. He has extensive experience working with communities, building network structures (more than 7,000 people), used to be a top leader in several network projects. He put a lot of startups on their feet, the bulk of which were then sold as a ready-made business. He also held the position of commercial director in construction organizations.

Ilya [email protected] (Telegram)

Customer service, quality control. Ex-military. Participated in many network projects and traditional startups. Owns a small company, has experience in advertising.

Vladimir [email protected]

(Telegram) Management, advertising, business processes. Changed a lot of jobs for hire. He launched a lot of startups, most of which were successful. He developed in various network projects, where he gained extensive experience in Internet marketing and advertising.

Fedor [email protected] (Telegram) Technical department, administration. Higher education, SPbGETU “LETI”, engineer in the specialty “Electronic computing machines, systems, complexes and networks”. Has experience working at large enterprises. The total experience in the IT field is more than 20 years.


Bonding coins to the PRIDE Validator Each of the DecimalChain validators sets a commission charged from the rewards of their delegates. This is the earnings of the validator, which is an integral part of the DecimalChain ecosystem. For our validator, we have determined a fee of 6%. This is an acceptable fee amount for delegates and optimal for us. This fee will allow us to maintain the operability of all our servers and systems, as well as implement all the projects listed below and create a competitive product in the DPoS, PoS mining and cryptocurrency markets in general. It is impossible to accurately name the profitability of the DecimalChain network for the delegate, since it depends on some changing values of the network. For March-April 2021, this is approximately 0.29% - 0.31% per day (taking into account the fee of the PRIDE validator).

Remuneration of delegates in the partner program

·The element of the unnumbered list is the first option (securing wallets with a description in the transaction) - 1% of the referral's deposit when delegating coins to the PRIDE validator, on a one-time basis.

·The second option (securing wallets in a separate service) is 2% of the referral's rewards received when delegating coins to the PRIDE validator, forever.

Delegate Rewards in the Loyalty Ecosystem

Any willing PRIDE delegate who participates in our partner program and has received a certificate of “Connecting businesses”, when connecting a business to the Crypto Club, receives all the clients of this business who delegate coins to PRIDE into their affiliate program. That is, it will receive 2% of the referrals of the referral who delegated the coins to the PRIDE validator, forever.

What does the PRIDE profit consist of

The funds received from the activities of the validator listed below will be used exclusively for the improvement of these activities, the development of validator projects, the payment of salaries to employees, the maintenance of the validator, grants and gifts to delegates. In our opinion, DecimalChain is a project that is ahead of its time and has many advantages and prospects for any innovator. Our team is made up of enthusiasts interested in promoting the project through the introduction of their solutions and innovations. The income we receive will help us realize these ideas.


On the logo, we depicted blockchain nodes connected to each other, which sign a block with transactions. The logo embodies the unity and integrity of the network, as well as the name of our PRIDE validator.

Validators-pride logo11.png 
Validators-pride logo11.png