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A cloud provider is a company that provides services and solutions based on cloud computing, using a wide range of virtual computing resources, including virtual servers, storage systems and networks.

For flexible infrastructure management, cloud provider offers customers a tool in the form of a self-service portal, with which you can create, delete, adjust the provided capacities (storage, memory, network), network parameters, and more.

How does a cloud provider differ from a data center

The difference between a cloud provider and a physical data center is significant.

  • Firstly, the data center is a platform for hosting the "cloud", without which no supplier can do. Usually, a "cloud provider" rents the allocated space in several data centers, thereby providing the possibility of emergency switching.
  • Secondly, being a specialized platform for reliable placement and continuous operation, the data center offers a range of services for the storage, transfer and placement of corporate information resources and the organization of backup IT platforms.

The services provided by different data centers may differ.

The most popular services offered by data centers

  • Placement of equipment (Colocation).
  • Backup data center.
  • Maintenance of IT equipment.
  • Technical implementation.
  • Protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Warehouse rental.
  • Renting a DRP office.
  • Renting a section.
  • Renting a dedicated server.

The provision of cloud services is not a profile type of data center services. But sometimes on the data center website you can find information about a "cloud service", which, as a rule, is provided not by the data center itself, but by a trusted partner of the data center in the person of a cloud provider.

Cloud provider services

Cloud provider provides an expanded list of services tailored to the needs of customers. An experienced supplier, with a large number of completed projects behind him, takes into account the needs of customers and offers services relevant to the market.

The most popular types of services

  • Virtual infrastructure. A flexible solution for creating your own fleet of virtual servers (virtual data center).
  • IT outsourcing (ITaaS). A wide range of services — from renting the time of specialists to outsourcing IT management.
  • Backup storage in the "cloud" (Veem Cloud Connect). Flexible solution for backup to the provider's "cloud".
  • Data backup and recovery. A solution for reserving critical data to the provider's computing cloud in order to ensure their integrity and safety.
  • The service "Cloud FZ-152". Compliance with personal data protection requirements within the IaaS model for infrastructure rental with a full set of necessary certified information security tools.
  • The service "Data encryption in the cloud". Provides protection of data in the "cloud" from access by any unauthorized persons, whether an employee of the cloud provider or any third party.
  • DDoS Protection service. DDoS protection based on a traffic monitoring and analysis system using Deep Packet Inspection technology.
  • The API Access service. The ability to automate any operations for managing virtual servers in the cloud.


Cloud provider offers services and solutions based on "cloud computing" for small, medium and large businesses. For these purposes, a wide range of virtual computing resources is used, including virtual servers, virtual data storage systems (DSS), virtual networks.

The client is provided with a tool for flexible management of their own virtual infrastructure.