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BIGBRO - is the token of the educational BIGBRO school project

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BIGBRO school is a trading and investment school with gamification elements and an internal token economy.

Creator of “BIGBRO school"

Создатель “BIGBRO school”, CEO, mentor of trading&investments big_bb_brother:

"'Alexander Kosolapov'"

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  • Professional trader since 2011

  • IPO expert, ex - Freedom Finance

  • Pre-IPO Expert, Mindrock Partner

  • Investment Portfolio Manager

  • Managing Crypto Pools

  • Crypto Startup Adviser

  • co-Founder of 2 crypto startups

Specialization of BIGBRO school

BIGBRO school specializes in trading: technical analysis and market understanding.

The training is divided into levels, which are confirmed by the corresponding NFT-Grade:

  1. Mentor - the highest qualification of the creator of educational systems

  2. Coach - teacher qualification

  3. Junior - user in the ecosystem

  4. Special is a unique qualification in each field of study. Example: Trader - trading specialization

In the course of training, students earn tokenized BROTHER points, which are necessary to obtain a qualification level.

Based on the selected level, theoretical and practical blocks are available to the student:

  • Junior: technical analysis base - 2 weeks (2 lectures, 2 DZ and a test)

  • Trader: Junior + understanding the market, working with services, exchanges, wallets, risk management - 4 weeks (4 lectures, 4 DZ, 2 tests)

  • Coach: Junior + Trader + practice real trading - 8 weeks (4 lectures, 8 DZ, 2 tests, exam)

  • Mentor: Junior + Trader + Coach + 3 months of individual work - 6 months

The BROTHER received by the students are exchanged for NFT-Grade:

  1. Junior = 100 BROTHER

  2. Trader(special) = 2500 BROTHER

  3. Coach = 3500 BROTHER

  4. Mentor = 5000 BROTHER

Students get a BROTHER for their homework, completing tests and passing exams. Additionally, activity and engagement are assessed.

An external user who has bought and delegated his BROTHER stake will be able to receive an NFT-Grade after passing the appropriate training.

Inside the ecosystem, the BROTHER stake opens access:

  1. 100+ BROTHER - access to BB school channel

  2. 2500+ BROTHER - access to a closed trader chat

  3. 3500+ BROTHER - invitation to the team (after training)

BROTHER Parameters

  1. initial issue 25000 BROTHER

  2. the maximum issue is 100,000 BROTHER

  3. CRR 60%

  • team stake - 25%

  • 75% - organic distribution during the issue process

  • The income from the team's stake is sent to the BROTHER buyout for distribution among students


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Education is actively moving to the online format. Knowledge is now used differently and the need for it has also changed. A modern person does not need to know and remember a lot, it is enough to open Google at the right moment.

Technologies have created new effective tools for obtaining information - knowledge. Now a person is able to create his own unique set of knowledge and skills, profession and its application.

Tokenization develops and simplifies the socio-economic interaction of school users.

Gamification increases efficiency: new knowledge is used immediately and involvement in the learning process increases.

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