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General information

The CRYGBOOST token is a payment unit of the 'CRYGAME' platform designed to accelerate the farming of the CRYG token and payment for in-game goods.

CRYGAME is a gaming platform for earning CRYG cryptocurrency. The platform will include a large number of tokenized games on the Play to Earn system.

Technical parameters

  1. The issue of the CRYGBOOST token is not limited.

  2. Initial issue of 20,000 CRYGBOOST

  3. Initial reserve 1000 DEL

  4. CRR - 80%


CRYGBOOST is designed to activate the speed. In the future, additional token sales locations will be created.

The received CRYGBOOST tokens by the development team will be withdrawn from circulation and submitted for delegation to the CRYGAME node.


The CRYGBOOST token is an economic component of the CRYGAME platform. Without this token, CRYG farming is not possible.

Mechanics of the token action

To activate the farming speed of the CRYG token, you need to deposit the CRYGBOOST and CRYG tokens through the platform panel.

The unfreezing of tokens from farming takes 30 days.

With proper development of the platform, the demand for the CRYG token will grow, spurring the growth of the CRYGBOOST token. In the future, the platform will expand the list of token sales locations. And in addition to activating the speed, there will be game stores where people will spend CRYGBOOST tokens.

The tokens received from the purchase payments will be delegated to the CRYGAME node and withdrawn from circulation. As well as part of the funds received from the validator's income will be sent to the team's reserve fund to maintain the exchange rate of both tokens.