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MUSLIMCOIN is a utility token created within the framework of the school DecimalSchool to reward the team for achievements and qualifications within the structure.

History of MUSLIMCOIN creation

We decided to create a functional token in the Decimal Chain and pay it to a member of our team for activity and qualification achievements.

Technical parameters of MUSLIMCOIN

When creating a token, you need to fill in six fields:

  1. The name of the MUSLIMCOIN token

  2. Short name (ticker) MUSLIMCOIN

  3. Initial Issue -10000 MUSLIMCOIN

  4. Initial reserve 1000 DEL

  5. The maximum issue is unlimited

  6. Constant redundancy factor - 85%

A marketing budget of 22,000 rubles (1100 DEL) was spent on the creation of the "MUSLIMCOIN" token

Profitable delegation

Each token holder has the opportunity to delegate MUSLIMCOIN to any validator. Due to the high coefficient of permanent reservation and the planned gradual increase in the asset price, the yield of the delegated stake will grow.