Instruction:How to create a wallet on DecimalChain

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This is a page with the instruction guide to the Decimal Console.

Go to the homepage of the website and click on Start.

Click on Create new wallet

The following information will appear before you:

1. The address of your new wallet.
You can use it to send Decimal ecosystem coins.
2. The generated seed phrase.
Save it in a secure location. If you copy it to your computer, split the copied data into more than one file so that the entire private phrase is not in the clipboard when copying the seed phrase. We also recommend writing down the seed phrase on paper.
3. Activate the „I've saved the phrase“ slider.
4. Click Create new wallet.

Click OK.

Enter the seed phrase copied in step 3 and click Sign in.

You have successfully created a new wallet on the DecimalChain blockchain.

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