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This is a page with the instruction guide to the Decimal Console.

Press on the custom coin smart contract link in the Decimal Explorer Web address

On BscScan smart contract page, press Update:

Log in or sign up, pressing on the Click to sign up link:

Fill out Username, Email Address, Password and Confirm Password. Check the boxes to confirm your compliance with the terms and press Create an Account:

Upon the successful sign-up, you get an e-mail with Confirmation Link, press it:

Now your account is confirmed via email. Press Click to Login:

Enter Username and Password. Press Login:

After logging, go back to your token smart contract page and press Update once again:

Check out the notification and press OK:

On this page, you fill in application for initial token update, click New/First Update:

Copy the message:

Pass to the page, log in with Metamask:

In the Sign Message field, insert the message copied on step 11, and press Sign Message:

Sign the “Sign message”:

Copy the information from the Signature field:

Pass to the Verify Message tab and insert the copied Signaturebin the corresponding field, press Verify Message:

Upon the successful signature, you will see the message:

Get back to the Token Update Application Form (step 11) and press the Signature form.

  • In the Address field insert your wallet address, launched in Binance Smart Chain via MetaMask. Addresses can also be copied on Web address in the Binance blockchain.
  • In the Message Signature Hash field, insert the data from the “sig” category, the data that were used for Verify Message in Step 17.
  • In the Original Sign Message field, insert your signature that were previously used in Steps 11 and 13.

In the Basic Information category, fill out the information about the token.

  • Token Contract Address: indicate the smart contract address (step №1)
  • Requester Name: your name
  • Requester Email Address: your e-mail (please note that the domain name should be of your official website. For example, if the website name is Web address, this means that the e-mail should be of this website, e.g. Email [email protected])
  • Project Name: project name
  • Official Project Website: project website
  • Official Project Email Address: e-mail of your project
  • Link to download a 32x32 png icon logo: insert the link to the token logo, with the size of 32*32px and in .png form (note that the file should be placed on your website. Again, let's take, the link address here should be
  • Project Sector: sector of your project
  • Project Description (Max 300 characters): project description.

Fill out the social media form:

Price Data category is filled out if your ticker data are presented on the following platforms:

Others Category is filled out if you have the appropriate data:


Check the box and press Submit:

Your Application has been submitted. You will receive an e-mail from BscScan:

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