Instruction:How to withdraw cryptocurrency from the BIT.TEAM exchange

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Withdrawing cryptocurrency from the Bit.Team platform — a video guide

Withdrawing cryptocurrency from the Bit.Team platform

After the successful authorization on the exchange, click on the profile icon and select “Balance”.

Find the cryptocurrency you need in the list for withdrawal and click “Withdraw”.

Read the “Withdrawal Instructions” section.

Fill in the required fields for withdrawal.

1. Select the blockchain network the selected cryptocurrency belongs to;

2. Enter the address of your external wallet;

3. Enter the withdrawal amount;

4. Check out the fees;

5. Click “Send Request".

If you have two-factor authorization activated for withdrawal and phone confirmation during withdrawal — click “Send code” buttons to get the codes.

Enter the required codes and click “Send request".

If the application is successful, you will see a corresponding notification.

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