Instruction:Registration on the BIT.TEAM exchange

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Registration on the Bit.Team platform — a video guide

How to register on the BIT.TEAM crypto exchange

On the Web address main page of the BIT.TEAM exchange, click “Log in”

Click “Sign in” or use the ready-made authorization form “Log in with”

Fill in all the fields required for registration and agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Solve the captcha and click “Sign in".

You`ll get an email with the registration confirmation code.

Enter the specified registration code in the registration field and click “Submit”

Upon successful registration, you will see the corresponding page.

Now you can log in to the platform.

Go to the login page and click “Log in”

Choose the product you need. In this case, we need “Exchange”

You get to the stock exchange. Click “Log in”

Enter the email and password that you used during registration and click “Log in".

Confirm authorization on the exchange

Successful login after registration allows you to use the exchange

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