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14 May 2023

  • curprev 10:0910:09, 14 May 2023CryptoKonstantin talk contribs 1,908 bytes +1,908 Created page with "{{#seo: |title= How to send NFT |titlemode=append |keywords= How to send NFT, send NFT, transaction NFT, send NFT, send NFT, NFT |description= Decimal instruction. How to send NFTs to DecimalChain }} <div class="mikio-article-content"> <div class="mikio-tags"> </div> <span id="How to send NFT"></span> = How to send NFT = NFTs and SFTs created on the Decimal blockchain can be sent to any user within the DecimalChain network.</br> To do this, go to the Decimal console in..." [automatically checked]