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SFT is a semi-interchangeable, or Semi-Fungible token.

SFT is a subtype of NFT. By creating an NFT and specifying more than one instance to issue, or by clicking the «Add new token to Collection» checkbox, you create an SFT.

Remembering FT

FT (Fungible Token) is an interchangeable token.

Interchangeability is great for performing the role of currency (but not only). 1 DEL token = another DEL token, as well as $1 = $1 or 1 ruble = 1 ruble. FT tokens can be used, for example, for consumables in games' cartridges, arrows, in general, everything that «does not require uniqueness» and that can be divided.

Remembering NFT

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is non-interchangeable (unique) token.

They are also often called «unique tokens» or «indivisible». The most popular standard for such tokens is ERC–721, proposed at the end of 2017 by William Entriken. One of the cases of using such tokens are game characters (and not only).

Referring to SFT

SFT is a new token standard that was created on 2018/06/17 by the Enjin Coin team. Due to SFT, you can send any number of items to one or more recipients IN a SINGLE TRANSACTION!

Imagine that you are in a store, and SFT has not yet been invented, then you would have to buy each product separately. You take the product from the shelf and carry it through the whole store, then you pay for the goods at the checkout, then you come back for the next product, and so with everyone, even if it’s 10 identical rolls.

SFT combines the best of FT and NFT. It’s cheaper to develop and more convenient for users.

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