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This document is a list of concepts and projects of the "PRIDE Games" validator based on the capabilities of the "DecimalChain" network. It is not a roadmap and is compiled solely for informational purposes. Up-to-date information on the implementation of the listed projects is reflected in the official channel of the validator:

Technical component of the validator

Servers are leased exclusively from foreign service providers

3 node servers are used (one main and two backup) and 1 monitoring server. In case of unforeseen circumstances and failure of the main server, the validator is launched on one of the backup servers as soon as possible. The third server is necessary to insure the first, backup, in order to almost completely eliminate the possibility of the absence of functioning servers for our validator.

The monitoring server is designed to detect malfunctions in a timely manner.

  • The servers are located in different data centers, which eliminates the option of simultaneously disabling them in case of an accident

  • The leased capacities are several times higher than the network requirements for stable operation of the masternode, and they are also not used for any purpose other than supporting the "DecimalChain" network. This means that our equipment is stable and will not need to be upgraded for a very long time.

  • To protect the validator from fines, the developers have created special software that allows you to disconnect the validator from the network in a timely manner and avoid sanctions in the amount of 1% of the entire "Decimal Guard" coin stake. We have installed this software on all 4 servers.

  • For timely detection of server hardware malfunctions and improper operation of the validator, we use various monitoring programs. They help us to respond promptly to any emergency situation with the equipment.

  • The validator is served by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. Our IT department works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, timely performing tasks for validator maintenance and updating the node software.

Purpose of creating a validator

After analyzing the "GameFi market", we, the "PRIDE" validator team, decided to launch a separate validator for this promising direction. It was launched as a validator for supporting game projects from the PRIDE team. Its main task is the implementation of the mechanism of financial support for the developed games and the creation of additional bonus programs for PRIDE Games users.

First of all, the validator will be used to delegate funds received from the implementation of game projects. Since the game funds will be tokens created on the Decimal Chain platform, delegation to PRIDE Games will create low volatility and provide financial inflow for the implementation of bonus programs, advertising campaigns, further upgrades of game projects and subsequent launches of MVP planned games.

Delegation to the PRIDE Games validator will also be interesting for Decimal Chain users. Various bonus programs are provided for users of games from PRIDE Games who have delegated funds to this validator, and a commission of 6% (average on the network) will allow you to receive decent rewards. The idea of delegating gaming funds and receiving rewards inside games, as well as receiving interest on the balance of the gaming account, is under development. The idea will be tested on the first game of the PRIDE Fight validator ( ).

Validator`s team

Anton Antipov @AntonAntipoff (Telegram) .

Business integration, promotion.

He has extensive experience working with people, building network structures (more than 7000 people), was a top leader in several network projects. He "put on his feet" a lot of startups, the bulk of which were then sold as a ready-made business. He also held the position of commercial director in construction organizations.

Ilya Mazikov @Ipmazikov (Telegram) .

Work with clients, quality control.

Ex-military. Participated in many network projects and traditional startups. Owns a small company, has experience in advertising.

Vladimir Kapustin @MrCabbge1 (Telegram) .

Management, advertising, business processes.

I have changed a huge number of jobs for hire. He launched a lot of startups, most of which were successful. He developed in various network projects, where he gained extensive experience in Internet marketing and advertising.

Ivakin Fedor @Ivakinfn (Telegram) .

Those. department, administration.

Higher education, SPbGETU "LETI", engineer in the specialty "electronic computing machines, systems, complexes and networks". Has experience working at large enterprises. The total experience in the IT field is more than 20 years.

Validators-pride games.png

On the logo, we depicted blockchain nodes connected to each other, which sign a block with transactions. The logo is made in cyber style, which corresponds to the subject of the validator's activity.

Validators-pride games.png 
Validators-pride games.png