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Imagine a world in which everyone gets the same income. It's impossible!? Now it's not. Introducing the Winwin Peer Validator

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The validator has a fee of 12%.

The fee is distributed as follows:

  • 4% goes to the validator maintenance team

  • 8% goes to a special stake fund and is delegated. For the first year of work, half of the amount will not be delegated, but will be distributed.

All the rewards from the stake fund are evenly distributed in the form of awards among all the delegates of our RRUNION coin

Economic benefit of delegators

What does such a model give to the community?

Let's divide the delegators into 3 groups and consider their benefits:

  1. Whales whose stake is more than 10k DEL

  2. Shark stake from 5k to 10k DEL

  3. Dolphins with stake up to 5k DEL



Let's start with dolphins – their motivation is the simplest, namely, getting into the list of delegates, they get the opportunity to get very good returns relative to their steaks. This will allow them to quickly increase their capital and earn great money with small investments!


Sharks start to benefit when all the validator slots are filled. At this point, they get the opportunity to “fly out” of the validator. Namely, they can quickly withdraw part of their steak by dividing only part of their funds. For example, the minimum stake of the last slot will be 1500 DEL. In this case, the delegate has the opportunity to withdraw most of his funds and receive 1500 DEL instantly at his disposal.


The benefit of whales begins as with sharks after filling the slots. Но только ещё позже. Since payments to all participants will constantly increase due to replenishment of the fund, the minimum stake will also grow. This means that at some point the sharks will completely replace the dolphins and take the lower positions of the slots. Thus, it becomes possible for whales to quickly withdraw a tangible part of their funds.


What does all this give the validator?

  • Get the opportunity to protect your own funds and the funds of your delegators at the blockchain voting.

  • Help the network develop and at the same time improving your skills.

  • Give an opportunity to earn good money to those who do not have large s.takes

  • Compensate for the overall drop in profitability in the blockchain over time.

All this will be facilitated by the opportunity to increase the validator's stake and the fund`s stake.


To make it clearer, let's look at the fund's payments by example. We will simulate the possible behavior of the validator over time. For example, with investments in RUNION equivalent to 100DEL and the total validator stake at the start of 1,000,000 DEL. For convenience, we calculate the income from mining as 10% of the stake.

First work month

The first distribution is assumed for a small number of wallets (we will count 100 wallets).

The validator's fee will be 12% of 100,000 DEL or 12,000 DEL

  1. 4% are directed to direct payments. This is 4,000 DEL or 40 DEL for each wallet.

  2. 4% are sent to the distribution fund, in total, the first stake of 4,000 del appears in it.

The fund's income is 0 so far, let's not forget to include personal income from 100 del here, this is 10 del

IN TOTAL, in the first month of working with 100 DEL, you can get 50 DEL

#lifehack "due to the uniform distribution with investments in 1 DEL, you can earn 40.1 DEL"

3 months of work

  • Filling half of the validator slots.

  • Estimated validator reserve 1,300,000 (+30%)

  • The validator's fee will be 15600

  • 4% goes on direct payments. This is 5200 DEL or 10.4 DEL for each of 500 wallets

  • The fund's stake is already about 12,000 DEL. The income from it will be 1,200 DEL or 2.4 DEL on the wallet.

  • Personal income from 100 DEL = 10 DEL

TOTAL: 10 + 10,4 + 2,4 = 22.8 DEL or 22.8% to the stake!

1 year and 1 month of work

Termination of direct payments.

  • Estimated validator reserve 2,300,000 DEL

  • The validator's fee will be 27600 DEL

  • The increase to the stake of the fund is 18,400 DEL

  • Stake fund 100,000 DEL. Income 10,000 DEL or 10 DEL per wallet

  • Personal income 10 DEL

TOTAL: 20 DEL of income with 100 DEL in delegation


The payout amounts will progress as the fund's stake grows, this will compensate for the overall drop in the profitability of the network. Also, the profitability is modeled for an example and the real figures will differ. This is done to understand the general concept of payments. Recall that one of the main tasks of this validator is to compensate for the total profitability of the network, as can be seen from the example, this task is being performed.

We also remind you that payments are credited only to our RRUNION coin. And he, in turn, has his own logic, you can find out more on the coin page.

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  1. Artur Melkumyan - CEO, Management

  2. Lee David - CTO, Development, Finance Department

  3. Alexander Suromkin - development, Marketing Department

Validators-doxodnost vyplat.png Validators-fond razdach.png