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The console is your control panel, the desktop in Decimal. All the operations that you need to perform in the ecosystem, you can perform here.

Console Features:

  • sending coins;

  • coin conversion;

  • creating and activating checks;

  • coins delegation;

  • creating a masternode;

  • creating coins;

  • generation and signing of offline transactions.

The main console menu is on the left"' .




This is your wallet, which only you have access to (seed phrase). The wallet displays your address, as well as the balance in DEL and other available tokens of the network.

Here you can send coins and see all the transactions you have made on the network: transaction block, time, sender, type and number of coins.



Here you can buy or sell any coin created on the Decimal network.


In this section, you can delegate your coins to the validator. Linking your own stake to the validator's one will lead to the unification of the two balances, and will increase the "weight" of the validator, and hence the size of his reward. Remuneration is also distributed to delegators in proportion to their share.


Here you will see your delegated stakes, as well as a form for delegating, where you need to enter the relevant information.

The process of unbonding the delegator's coins from the validator occurs within 30 days from the moment of submitting the request for review at the very bottom of the page.



For those who want to run a full-fledged copy of Decimal on their hardware, we have provided a set of tools in this section.


In this form, you can declare your candidacy for the role of validator by filling in the appropriate fields. Below on the page are forms for launching the masternode into the network, editing data about it and disabling the masternode.

We are not going to describe in detail the features of this tab, due to their vastness and the increased level of complexity of the tool. Check out step- by - step instructions . We will be happy to answer all the related questions regarding the launch, configuration and management of the Decimal masternode in the channels and chats of the project community ( / link to the Decimal project website ).

Coin Issue

A section where any user can create their own token in a few clicks.


Fill in the six fields of the form and click "Create". By the time the coin is designed, make sure you have a sufficient amount of DEL on your balance to make an initial reserve. The fee for creating a coin depends on the number of symbols in its ticker.


Do you remember the main characters of Hollywood movies writing checks for big sums? Now you can also do this.


To pay off the check and cash out the funds, enter the address of the check and the password given to you. It is proposed by a person who writes out a financial document. The money will be credited to your wallet in the console as the coin specified by the payer.

You can issue a check using this form:

Wiki-create cheque ru.png

Nonce . This parameter can be ignored by novice users. It is technical and is listed here for special cases: for example, when you want to reissue a check or cancel a previous one.

Set the coin to be sent, the amount and the password at your discretion.

"'Valid until block"' . Now you need a calculator and find out the number of the desired block based on the rate of 14,400 blocks per day. If you want to write a check for one week, then you need to look at the current block number on the "browser" and add 14,400*7, and write the resulting number in this field.



In this section, you can get the meta-data that you need to generate a new transaction on an offline device. You can also send a signed transaction generated on the device.

Additional menu


Apart from the main menu, the console contains links to information services about the network and program code for developers.

  • Wallet is your wallet, where the address and balance in DEL and other network tokens available to you are displayed.

  • Multisig. In this tab, you can send transactions to multiple addresses at once.

  • The Browser is a tool for viewing network indicators: blocks, transactions, addresses, delegation awards, etc.

  • "Calculator" is a tool where you can pre—calculate the indicators for your coin depending on the set parameters.

  • "Status" — information on the main indicators of the network: the number of coins created, blocks, transactions, validators, commission, total coin issue.

  • "'API SDK'" — SDK for developers.

  • "'Help/ FAQ'" is a traditional section where frequently asked questions and answers about Decimal Chain are collected.


The Decimal console language can be switched from Russian to English in the upper right corner, next to the exit button.

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